Elected officials have a responsibility to promote caring for the homeless

Elected officials have a responsibility to promote caring for the homeless

Letter to the Editor:

America has become anesthetized to the person who is homeless. In cardboard boxes, huddled for warmth, having found a safe place to sleep, the homeless had settled in for the night. But a guard comes up and tapped the homeless and tells him to move — but where?

Perhaps it is fear that causes some to ignore the homeless or a feeling of helplessness that causes people to just not do anything. On trying to remedy the situation about the homeless, authorities try to identify issues that should be explored, but it must be recognized that the homeless are a fragile population, and these investigations should proceed with care.

People who are homeless can be at risk for exploitation because the person who is hungry or cold may be willing to exchange personal dignity for food or shelter. Many homeless are afraid to enter the shelters that are provided for them. Not only are they afraid of assault, but people with mental illness may be afraid of the confinement.

Is living on the street a crime? Does a person have a right to be homeless? Being homeless is a complex issue. They are not all identical in need and condition.

Our society focuses on alleviating as much suffering as possible. With the homeless there is a daily suffering in survival against the elements.

Society may view the homeless as troublesome or not see them at all. In my judgement anyone who is an elected official has the responsibility to promote caring for the homeless.

Lupe Williams


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