Hospice volunteer training set to start

Hospice volunteer training set to start

Ohio’s Hospice LifeCare will offer volunteer training beginning Monday, Oct. 19 at the LifeCare Hospice office located at 1900 Akron Road in Wooster. Social distancing will be in place. Training also is offered virtually beginning Tuesday, Oct. 20. Anyone interested in volunteering is encouraged to call to make a reservation for one of these initial sessions to see if hospice volunteering is something they would enjoy.

“We are greatly in need of individuals interested in supporting patients and families who are facing terminal illness," said Rebecca McCurdy, manager of volunteer services at Ohio’s Hospice LifeCare. "The focus of our training is on equipping people to help terminally ill persons live their lives to the fullest for as long as possible."

McCurdy described ways to help. "Through our volunteers we look to enhance the quality of life of our patients with companionship, music, the company of certified therapy animals and with compassionate listening. In addition, our volunteers can help family caregivers by giving them a break or assistance with the tasks that help keep the household running smoothly during the crisis of terminal illness."

Anyone interested is encouraged to call McCurdy at 330-264-4899 or 800-884-6547 or email her at rmccurdy@lifecarehospice.org.

Ohio’s Hospice LifeCare also has a need for military veterans who are interested in providing support to their fellow veterans in the last months of their lives.

Hospice volunteers may choose to work in patient and family support roles in private homes, nursing homes (when those are open to visitors again) or in the in-patient hospice facility. Volunteers also may be interested in working in administrative support roles in the hospice offices. Hospice is a good place for married couples to volunteer together if that’s something they would like to do.

“Hospice volunteering is about being a good neighbor. It is about people of this community helping their neighbors at a critical time in their lives,” McCurdy said. “Even if someone isn’t sure if hospice work is for them, they are encouraged to take the training. It’s the perfect way to find out if this is something you would like. If you do decide to join our team, you will join some of the finest people in the community who wake up every morning knowing they really make a difference for those around them.”

There is no charge for this training. If you are interested but the upcoming trainings do not fit your schedule, call so you can be added to receive notifications of future trainings. LifeCare is planning to offer additional classes in the near future.

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