Issue 1 protects the state constitution, all Ohioans

Issue 1 protects the state constitution, all Ohioans

Letter to the Editor,

I am concerned about how differences on Issue 1 divide Ohioans. As one who lives, works and worships in the Holmes County area, I know my neighbors to be intelligent, compassionate and reasonable. Can we agree Issue 1 is good for all Ohioans?

By approving Issue 1, amending our Ohio Constitution will require a greater consensus. Consensus is good for us all. In a world where people with money and power stoke the fires of division, isn’t it time to unite for the good of all Ohioans? Isn’t it time to seek protection for our constitution rather than allow outsiders to influence our laws? It is not radical to expect petition signatures from 5% of eligible voters in all Ohio counties or 60% voter approval at the ballot box to propose and amend our constitution. This requirement is equal to or less than most federal, state and even organizational standards of democracy.

Can we also agree the life of every Ohioan is valuable? Based on articles I’ve read in this publication, interest groups outside of Ohio and abortion-minded citizens inside Ohio support a no vote on Issue 1 to make it easier to amend our state constitution. The abortion lobby will attempt to enshrine abortion until birth, with zero restrictions, in the Ohio Constitution this November. This dangerous initiative, if passed, also is fashioned to erase the fundamental rights of parents who could no longer have a say about their children receiving an abortion or sex-change surgery.

Make no mistake. I desire good healthcare for women. I am one. However, can we agree good healthcare does not require snuffing out the lives of our smallest Ohioans? If you and I don’t protect the lives of the vulnerable and voiceless, who will?

To protect the Ohio Constitution and the rights of all Ohioans, I will vote yes on Issue 1 on Aug. 8.

Elaine Tomski


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