Man wants local street to open as soon as possible

Man wants local  street to open as soon as possible

Letter to the Editor:

My grandson purchased a property on North Mad Anthony Street in Millersburg in July 2017. He was not informed when he purchased the property that there was a problem with the street.

In the fall the street in front of his home caved in. The city put barracks up and a steel plate over the hole. It continued to fall in, so they put another steel plate and more barracks. This took his parking away from him.

Finally in the spring they filled the hole in, but within a month it caved in again. Around June 2018 the city closed the road. My grandson’s gas was disconnected, and he had to pay to have it rehooked. It is now December, and the road is still closed.

We have a beautiful bridge across Killbuck Creek that goes no where. We can redo the courthouse lawn, which is very nice. We can spend money for LED lighting on Glen Drive, replacing working lights, but we can’t fix a street in the city?

You can say that all the other money came from different sources and use any excuse you want, but it’s all taxpayers’ money, and there is no excuse for this street being closed over six months for a problem that’s been going on for two years or more.

If this was anywhere else in the city, it would have been repaired long ago. Not quite sure why this is happening, but it is totally unfair to these residents.

Terry Morrison


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