New Phila man sees merit in the new school plan

New Phila man sees merit in the new school plan

Letter to the Editor:

On March 17 we have a decision to make. As residents of this community, we can vote to either spend our money on outdated, overcrowded and inefficient schools over the next several years or we can vote on a bond issue to have a new campus built that will more than meet the needs of our students for the next several generations with the State of Ohio covering 55 percent of the total cost.

The choice is clear. Our elected officials and public servants have done their due diligence to provide a fiscally sound opportunity to our community.

Meetings were held to inform the public as well as take feedback and address concerns. It was the responsible way to do it. It was the right way to do it. Now it’s our opportunity to see it through.

I will always vote yes on issues that are beneficial to the public good. I voted yes to have the new fire station built so we could meet the safety needs of our local residents. I voted yes on the Senior Center levy as well as the ADAMHS levy because I knew how critical these were to the most vulnerable in our area.

Now I will vote yes on this bond because I know the education as well as the environment they will learn in is one of the most important needs of our area as it will be for many, many years to come.

Drew Silverthorn

New Philadelphia

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