Stop with the Tannerite bombs

Stop with the Tannerite bombs

Letter to the Editor:

To the people in the area of Township Road 561 Holmesville who persist in setting off Tannerite bombs on the weekend, as a resident in the area I am pleading with you to think of the older people in your neighborhood, those with heart conditions, blood-pressure problems and who just want to sit out on their porches without the fear of their windows being rattled and house shaking on its foundation. Please stop!

If you feel the need to set off Tannerite, take it to an area where there are no homes. You live in a community, and not all of us enjoy hearing Tannerite bombs or guns shooting all weekend. The area has built up with close neighbors. We all have to live here together, so we are asking you respect us as we respect you. Please visit gun ranges and take your Tannerite to an unpopulated area. I will call the Holmes County sheriff each time these incidents happen, and eventually they will visit your home with a complaint.

Donna Lemon-Weaver


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