Systemic racism and why we need to take action

Systemic racism and why we need to take action

Letter to the Editor:

When the thought of racism in our country is brought up, it often sounds and looks very different from what actually is at work in our lives and communities.

Systemic racism in our country is not just the ignorance and hate of a few. It is the concerted effort, the historic legacy, of dehumanizing and marginalizing black and brown bodies by our government. It is in the legislation for who is allowed to vote and how. It is who is allowed access to jobs, homes and incomes. It is in the buildings, neighborhoods and districts we send our children to school. It is in healthcare and who is able to receive it.

Systemic racism is not the singular occurrence of a racist act. It is the very social fabric in which we are enmeshed. It is the system in which we live and partake. This issue has been and continues to be a public crisis, and it affects us all. It is not just the cries of those on the streets protesting. It is in our neighborhoods, our towns, our counties, our state, our country. And it will continue to dehumanize and marginalize folks until acknowledged and dismantled through our legislative bodies.

Lexi Pacheco


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