Yes on Issue 1 will restore safety

Yes on Issue 1 will restore safety

Letter to the Editor,

It is important to vote yes on Issue 1 in Ohio that supports a constitutional amendment to restore safe reproductive rights for an individual. This amendment makes no change in parental rights for children, which the opposition keeps indicting. The amendment does not allow abortion on demand at the moment of birth (this is called birth, and a child is born). This is an inflammatory and deceptive claim by extremists to scare people. This amendment allows for reasonable limits on abortion after fetal viability but maintains patient health and safety and leaves it out of the hands of politicians.

Issue 1 has absolutely nothing to do with gender-relating issues. Any claims otherwise are an attempt to confuse and deceive voters about the goal of this amendment.

Please read the amendment to understand why voting yes on Issue 1 on or before Nov. 7 is important. It takes the issue out of politics and places it with an individual and the doctor.

Linda Houston


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