Clear Creek Park opens its new playground

Clear Creek Park opens its new playground

Clear Creek Park, located at 668 Venture Boulevard in Wooster, opened in 2022. It now boasts a state-of-the-art playground designed for kids ages 2-5.


So, you’ve got little kids. It’s summer. They want to play outside, you’ve been to all the familiar spots and you’re all going just a little stir crazy already — what to do?

Easy answer — pile everyone into the car and head to Wooster’s newest playground at Clear Creek Park.

Located at 668 Venture Boulevard in Wooster, the park was created in 2021 and opened in 2022. It now boasts a state-of-the-art playground designed for kids ages 2-5.

More than a playground, the park offers a scenic space and walking path for visitors of all ages.

“The park offers a unique combination of wetlands, forest, and grassland leading into Clear Creek a tributary of the Killbuck,” said Joe Avila, park supervisor for the City of Wooster.

“The park has enhanced this area to provide a beautiful space,” he added. “It has especially been welcomed by employees of the many businesses in the immediate area by offering a safe place to walk and a shaded picnic area for lunches or meetings.”

According to Avila, the park was inspired by a vision of Richard Seaman, chairman of the board of Seaman Corporation, in order to create a green space for the benefit of the entire community.

“The playground at the park is named in honor of 60-year-old Wesley Johnson of Wooster,” said Avila. Johnson was killed in a gas line explosion and Johnson’s former employer donated $45,000 for the cost of the playground.

Additional funding for the park came from Clean Ohio, the State of Ohio Legislature, NatureWorks, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, the Seaman Family Foundation, the Family of John Wesley. and the City of Wooster.

Avila explained that once a playground is approved, a request is sent to playground structure vendors to provide options that fit with the square footage available and the intended age range for the equipment. Next step is a discussion with city leaders to determine what will best serve the community; and the engineering department assists in the placement of each structure.

While regulations require 12 inches of playground mulch underneath the area, Clear Creek Park has a 15-inch layer.

Children with special needs have also been considered in the planning. “We are in the works of supplying communication boards to all our parks which are designed to support students who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) or who benefit from multi-modal communication,” said Avila.

There is a 3/4-mile paved walking trail suitable for anyone with a wheelchair. The trail weaves through the park’s woodlands, boardwalk and overlook.

Clear Creek Park is open dawn to dusk. Dogs are invited to enjoy the park as well as long as they are leashed.

“If you are wanting a quiet, scenic, kid-friendly area to explore, come on out and enjoy the amenities Clear Park has to offer to our great community,” said Avila.

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