Holmes County Home residents experience equine entertainment

Holmes County Home residents experience equine entertainment
Dave Mast

Part of the joy for the residents of the Holmes County Home in their recent visit to Circle R Farm for a horse show demonstration was getting up close and personal with the horses and riders.


There is a certain kinship between humans and horses that seems to provide peacefulness to anyone’s day.

On Tuesday, May 23, residents and staff from the Holmes County Home had the opportunity to visit Duane Yoder’s Circle R Farm near Charm to experience a horse show.

Combined with the sunshine and warm temperature, it was a therapeutic day that seemed to lift the spirits of everyone involved.

A variety of well-trained horses and capable trainers presented routines for the residents. While the day was designed to entertain the Holmes County Homes residents, it also was a blessing for the staff at Circle R, who were grateful to be able to provide a spark into the everyday routine for the residents.

“This is an opportunity for us to give back to the community while at the same time it gives our horse trainers and the horses a chance to practice and perform in front of a crowd of people, which is always a positive,” Yoder said. “It’s really good for our horses. We go to different sales across the nation, so when trainers and horses go to sales, they can get uptight. So this is a good way for especially the horse to get used to working in front of people, and it gives the trainers a chance to perfect their demonstration skills.”

Close to a dozen trainers and Yoder family members presented a variety of demonstrations showcasing the bond between horse and rider. The riders even brought their horses right up to the stands, where the residents sat, petted and talked to the horses and asked questions of the trainers.

Reece Uhl set the date and got the ball rolling for the event, one the Holmes County Home attended once before.

Uhl said this day is talked about well before it arrives, and it is a resident favorite.

“This is a big day out for us,” Uhl said. “Some of our residents had horses when they were younger, and there seems to be a real connection with horses that excites them.”

Holmes County Home staff member Dayn Donley said the experience was a wonderful way to get the residents out of the everyday routine and into the outdoors.

“This is our second year here, and they really enjoy petting the horses and seeing the trainers do their demonstrations, and it’s a good way for us to get them away from the walls of the home and into nature,” Donley said.

She said other outdoor opportunities for the residents include fishing trips, parade participation, visits to local Amish farms, outdoor picnics and treks to experience live music events around the county.

“This is part of providing a caring community for our residents, giving them every chance to experience life outside the home,” Donley said.

Martin Lemon, president of the Holmes County Home Auxiliary, also was in attendance with other auxiliary members. The auxiliary continues to play a critical role in the ongoing success of the Holmes County Home, and Lemon said the many volunteers who make up the auxiliary understand the value the County Home creates for the residents and their families, so to be able to add to the residents’ experience is gratifying.

“This is what it’s all about,” Lemon said. “This isn’t just good for our residents; it’s good for all of us to get out here and relax and watch the activities. We appreciate the Yoder family for giving us this opportunity and sharing their gifts and talents with us, and we are grateful to be able to help the County Home any way we can in supporting what it does for the residents.”

Following the horse show, the residents sat down and had a pizza lunch, capping off a perfect day of fellowship and therapy.

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