Miller returns to her roots knowing she was ‘Made for More’

Miller returns to her roots knowing she was ‘Made for More’
Melissa Schlabach

Lauren Elizabeth Miller has always enjoyed writing. However, when her life didn't exactly go the way she had envisioned, she turned that passion for writing into a new book, "Made for More: My Story of God’s Grace and Glory.” Miller will return to her old stomping grounds for a book-signing in Berlin on Nov. 9.


Lauren Elizabeth Miller, author of “Made for More: My Story of God’s Grace and Glory,” will be one of nearly three-dozen featured authors at a book-signing and meet-and-greet on Saturday, Nov. 9 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at The Gospel Book Store, 4900 Oak St., Berlin.

Miller has connections throughout Tuscarawas and Holmes counties. Having grown up in Newcomerstown, she graduated high school and then went to Mount Vernon Nazarene University, where she met her husband, Scott Miller, who hailed from Sugarcreek, where they moved after getting married.

She worked at Pomerene Hospital in human resources for six years before becoming a business administrator at Grace Church in Berlin. Then they moved to Nashville, Tennessee two years ago.

While they reside in Tennessee, Miller said her heart remains firmly entrenched in her old stomping grounds, where she continues to stay in touch with family and friends.

“It’s always hard to leave family and friends,” Miller said, “which is why I am looking forward to returning for the upcoming book-signing opportunity. I am excited to share my story with the people of that area because many of the people there helped shape my story, so this is coming home for me, and I am truly excited about it.”

Miller’s book is her very first literary endeavor. She said the book is filled with her testimony of how God can work in people’s lives when things don’t go according to plan.

“I am the classic example of a perfectionist and planner,” Miller said. “Through a series of events I have come to realize that God can have so much more for me and for others than we may have planned for our lives.”

Miller said there are many firsthand experiences featured in the book of her own life and the times when her plans didn’t turn out exactly how she had hoped.

“I had to learn how to give up a lot of my own desires to allow God to work in my life, and it has been an amazing transformation,” Miller said.

The biggest alteration in the Millers’ lives was when they adopted their daughter Brielle from China. That changed everything Miller thought about parenting and her career. She became a stay-at-home mother, something she never planned.

During that time she said she felt inspired to write a book about her experiences. Having always loved the creative side of writing, it was something that fell right into Miller’s wheelhouse.

Miller said in the beginning it was a bit of a struggle to come up with the concept because the expectations she had for her own life were not being met. Once she gained some clarity, the book became a joyful labor, even becoming therapeutic at times.

“I have loved writing and especially journaling, and I felt that God really put this book on my heart about three years ago,” Miller said. “In a way this was my own kind of counseling to myself.”

Miller said she hopes her book inspires others who can relate to what she has gone through in life as she adjusted to plans that were not according to her game book.

In addition to the book, there is a study guide so people can delve into their own stories and find a path away from the things in life that hold them back.

“I believe that God has more in store for us than we could ever imagine,” Miller said. “Hopefully people will see that in the book and gain some insight into their own lives and their own situations."

Miller also authors a blog on the internet, and she believes even more writing lies ahead for her. However, she understands very well that things can change.

Check out her blog at

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