Personal stories with God in Wooster native’s third book

Personal stories with God in Wooster native’s third book

Lu Ann Topovski, a native of Wooster now living in the Columbus area, has recently released her third book.


There’s nothing like burying your head in a good book as a way to get your mind focused on something else for an hour or two, rather than the negativity going on in the world right now. Whether you’re looking to get away from talk of politics, the coronavirus or any other number of current events, getting enthralled in the details of an interesting book can really help to lift a person’s spirits.

And when that paperback happens to be written by a local author, the subject matter tends to be even more intriguing to the reader.

Wooster native Lu Ann Topovski has released her third book, “Your Moment Is Now,” continuing along the same Christian theme she has chosen for her previous two books. In this one she chooses to tell the stories of others, putting together a compilation of 45 individual stories from people in five different states including several from the Wooster area recounting their own personal testimonies of how God intervened and literally saved from death or changed their lives, according to Topovski’s book press release.

After writing her first two books, “Rising Above — Dealing With Our Past, Making Way for Our Future” and “Rising Above Modern Day Relationships — When Two Become One,” Topovski knew she wasn’t finished with her writing career. Much had happened to her before she was able to sit down and put together “Your Moment Is Now,” but in 2018 she was finally able to put her idea for the book into motion, although not in the typical way you would think a writer first begins to put pen to paper.

“In 2017 I took a contracting job with a consulting firm, and one weekend in early 2018, I fasted and prayed for a full-time position of where God wanted me to be,” Topovski said. “I asked God that if he wanted me to work at that place, that he would tell the owner of the company where and what he wanted me to do.”

Topovski said the following Monday morning she went into work and saw an email from the owner of the company who told Topovski she had a vision, and at the end of the vision, God told her to have the author write the book they had discussed a few weeks earlier about “how God intervened and changed individual lives,” Topovski said.

“She and I met later that morning, and she shared her vision and what God told her. We shared our own stories with each other. She asked me if I would write the book, and I said I would. We began asking friends and family if they wanted to share their stories in the book. We sent out a company email to see if anyone wanted to share their story, and we posted on social media,” Topovski sad.

Topovski described the process. “Several people from the Wooster area responded to my Facebook post, and we either emailed back and forth or I sat down and helped them write their stories,” she said. “My suggestion was for each person to pray to God about what they should write because the point was to give glory to God for their healing, miracle or whatever the intervention was, then to start writing whatever came to their mind about their story, then go back over it a few more times. After each person was finished, they sent me their stories, and I edited them.”

Those who submitted stories to Topovski’s book from Wooster were Ashley Boreman, Greg Massaro, Pearl Basinger, George O. Topovski, Jessica and Madison Pritt, Lynnette Fowler, and Ward Edinger. Don Kister of Smithville also is featured.

Topovski said once she found people to be featured in her book, putting it together was pretty simple. The most work she had to do was researching which publisher would be best for the project.

“The stories were coming in from five different states, and they were all amazing,” Topovski said. “Some of the stories we needed to verify specifics, and other stories we needed to modify because the descriptions were too specific and our publisher, Xlibris, would not allow certain material. From start to finish it took about 15 months for the book to be completed, and our website should be coming out any day now. It is called and incorporates all three books and will include all future books as well.”

Topovski is well on her way to getting her fourth book completed, with plans for “Rising Above the Ashes” to be ready for readers by the end of 2020. She said this book will incorporate more of her own story but “will mainly teach how to live in the kingdom of God here on earth.”

Topovski is hopeful readers will first take a chance on her latest book, “Your Moment Is Now,” because every story was written or told in such an authentic way she had tears.

“I was empathetic to each person and the trials they faced with a faith unmoved,” Topovski said. “These stories are all very inspiring. Some stories are one page, and some stories are 10 pages. When the storytellers asked me, ‘How long does it need to be?’ I told them, ‘As long as it needs to be.’ I wanted everyone to have free reign to write their story. There was no limit. Some people shared much of their life story, and others shared an instant or a moment in time with God that changed their life and perspective on God forever. All the stories impacted these people so much that they wanted to share.”

Taking a chance on Topovski’s book not only supports her as an author, but it also will support the storytellers who played such an important role in creating the book.

“After I received all the stories, I told the storytellers that they would share in the proceeds of the book,” Topovski said. “They can use the book for their own ministry or event. I told them that this is ‘our’ book. Their story is published, and now they can use this book any way they feel led. So purchasing a book would be supporting each of the storytellers.”

Topovski expressed her hopes for the book. “But as a result, many readers will renew their own faith as they walk through the journey of 45 different people. Some stories might speak to a person more strongly than another. Some stories might bring tears. If nothing else, these brave souls shared their story with the world, and hopefully, many readers will feel they are not alone. Hopefully, they too will be inspired,” she said.

To purchase a copy of “Your Moment Is Now,” visit or

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