Program gives Ida Sue students job experience

Program gives Ida Sue students job experience
Ron Amstutz

Ida Sue Superintendent Dave Ashley, left, student Jonny Wolfe, Transitions Director Ken Kelly, Ida Sue student Mason Chupp and school staff member Melissa Klingerman recently presented Wayne County commissioner Becky Foster, center, with a gift of appreciation for her continued advocacy for individuals with developmental disabilities.


Ida Sue students recently stepped outside of their classrooms and visited the Wayne County Administration Building to participate in a developmental work program. They also visited Wayne County commissioner Becky Foster and presented her with a gift for her ongoing advocacy and support for students with developmental disabilities.

“For the past few years, Becky has been our point of contact in providing real-life, meaningful work activities for individuals with disabilities from all over the county, not just for individuals from Ida Sue, but for students from most every school district in Wayne County,” said Ken Kelly, Wayne County Board of Developmental Disabilities community transitions director.

Foster is attentive to the needs of all Wayne County residents and strives to enrich the lives of others both privately and in her position as commissioner. She routinely schedules times for Ida Sue students to visit a county agency to experience what takes place within the various departments.

“She has arranged opportunities within their office, with the maintenance crew to assist with vehicle washing and much more,” Kelly said.

During the summer months, Foster ramps up the visits from two per month to once weekly.

“Wayne County is extremely fortunate to be a part of the community work development programs,” Foster said. “Students get real-life experience and job opportunities after graduation. It pleases me to see the students overcome challenges and watch their continual development.”

According to Kelly, the opportunity allows individuals with developmental disabilities to broaden their skills and live more independently.

“Becky and her team have been a big part of what we are hoping to accomplish,” Kelly said. “We can’t thank her enough, and we hope this continues.”

Dan Starcher is a public communications specialist for the Wayne County government.

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