Zoe Hardesty named Cy Young Days queen

Zoe Hardesty named Cy Young Days queen
Teri Stein

The new Cy Young Days Festival queen is Zoe Hardesty, left in back row, of Coshocton. The rest of the court includes Heather Halsey, standing beside Hardesty, Sophia Sellers and Arianna Parks; front row, Peyton McGarvey, Mickelle Miller (2023 princess who attended the vintage base ball game), Madison Miller, Morgan Miller, Harliegh Tufford and Allyn Hart. Not pictured are Paisley Moore, Mackenzie Berkshire and Brooklyn Moore.


Zoe Hardesty of Coshocton was named the queen of the Cy Young Days Festival prior to the event. Hardesty will be a junior at Riverview High School in the fall.

Hardesty previously served on the Coshocton Canal court at the Apple Butter Stirrin’ Festival at Roscoe Village, where contestants dressed in canal era attire. Her parents are Rachel Alloway and the late Zack Hardesty.

“I felt like trying a new court. I was on the canal court a few times,” Hardesty said. “I wanted to try a different court so I can become friends with all the (other court members) and be friends with everybody that I meet.”

Hardesty’s activities in school include band, vocal choir and Certified Gold dancing choir, bowling, and performing in musicals.

Hardesty has attended the Cy Young Days Festival in the past and this year as queen.

“It’s been really fun,” Hardesty said.

As the 2024-25 Cy Young Days Festival queen, Hardesty will be busy throughout the year attending other events and spreading the word about the local festival and its namesake. She is looking forward to going to luncheons, meeting new people and making friends with the other festival courts.

One of the royal duties included attending the Ron Porcher vintage base ball game at Cy Young Park on Sunday and learning how the game was played. The members of the court even got in some batting practice.

Others on the 2024-25 court are Heather Halsey of Newcomerstown, queen attendant; Allyn Hart, mini queen; Morgan Miller, mini queen first attendant; Arianna Parks, mini queen second attendant; Harleigh Tufford, mini queen third attendant; Payton McGarvey, junior queen; Sophia Sellers, junior queen attendant; Madison Miller, princess; Paisley Moore, princess attendant; Mackenzie Berkshire, little miss; and Brooklyn Moore, little miss attendant. No little slugger was named this year.

The annual festival talent show attracted a variety of talent on Sunday afternoon from singing and dancing to dog training exhibits. Winning $100 and first place in the children’s competition was Baine Davis, who played the guitar to a heavy metal song. Davis played the first part of the song with accompaniment; he then did a solo at the end of his set.

Olivia Miller and Harlow Sanchez impressed the judges and the crowd with their tumbling routine to the song “Dancing Queen.” They won second place and $50 for their efforts.

In the adult division, Hayley Murray won first place and $100 for her guitar and vocal performance of the Taylor Swift song “Mean.” Ruth Hulten won second place and $50 by playing “Steel Guitar Rag” on the dulcimer.

“It just shows how versatile a dulcimer can be,” Hulten said. She also took time to show others how the dulcimer works as the crowd waited for the winners to be determined.

Other participants in the children’s division were as follows:

—Madison Miller with a ribbon wand to a dance song.

—Morgan Miller did several cheers including one for Newcomerstown.

—Ella Lawson sang the “Star-Spangled Banner” a cappella.

—Dona Lawson sang a song she had written about a talent show and the importance of just having fun whether you win or lose.

—Aubre Wilson, Maddie Harubin and Jocelyn Grewell sang a song naming all 50 states.

—Kinley McInter and her dog Shadow, a Lab mix, showed some dog training tricks.

—Avah Palmer and her dog Kuda, a King Charles and Papillon mix, also performed some dog training tricks.

Other participants in the adult division were as follows:

—Avan and Victoria Palmer and Kylee Dean performed a line dance.

—Katrina Miller used sign language to perform to the song “Love in Any Language.”

The talent show was organized by Janet Chaney. Judges for the event were Christie Kitzmann, Amanda Wilson and Ray Taylor.

Cy Young Days Festival organizers were pleased with the success of the festival activities and their special guest, former Cleveland Indians pitcher Len Barker, who helped with many activities. Barker even handed out awards at the Cy Young Days run on Saturday morning and signed autographs for fans.

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