BBQ in Shreve will honor Scheck, benefit his family

BBQ in Shreve will honor Scheck, benefit his family
Laurie Sidle

Organizing the May 1 chicken barbecue fundraiser for the Richard Scheck family are Roger Sprang, left, Tom Wolf, Bruce Biggs and Brad Johnson. They are among a half-dozen men who gather each morning for coffee at the Shreve Auto Repair, one of two sites where the Wayne County Fair style chicken halves will be sold for $7 each from 10:30 a.m. until sold out. The other drive-thru site is at Steiner Lumber, 410 W. South St., Shreve.


Chicken barbecues are common in Shreve during the spring and summer months, but one on May 1 will be both a gesture of love and a fundraiser.

The reason for it?

“Mr. Scheck, period,” said Bruce Biggs, a former mayor in the village and one of the event organizers.

Funds from the sale of the Wayne County Fair style chicken will benefit the family of Richard Scheck, who with his wife Linda owned Scheck’s IGA in Shreve for 60 years.

“He did so much for the community,” Biggs said. “He will always be with us as a historical part of Shreve.”

Between early morning cups of coffee at Shreve Auto Repair (formerly Shreve Mobile), Biggs and a small group of men who call themselves the Coffee Club discussed a way they could give back to Richard Scheck and his family.

“It’s our way of saying thank you to him,” Biggs said.

The store was his life’s work and his way of serving the community. Any time a community group was planning any kind of benefit, Biggs said, “Mr. Scheck would help us out with anything we needed.”

By selling the items at a discount, they could get a little more profit out of it.

Scheck was always friendly to his customers, greeting them as they came in the store and lending a helping hand when necessary, Biggs said. “You never thought he had a bad day.”

A few times when Biggs forgot his wallet, he said Scheck just set aside the grocery receipt and told him to come back later when he could pay it.

Roger Sprang, who has worked at Scheck’s since April 1996, described Scheck as an understanding boss who was always willing to work around Sprang’s schedule for his store hours. "In later years," Sprang said, "he became a close friend as well as my boss."

Sprang said the Coffee Club wanted to support the Scheck family and show gratitude for the 60 years Scheck gave to Shreve and to the people of Shreve.

“There’s a lot of people who patronized Scheck’s in 60 years' time,” said Shreve dairy farmer Tom Wolf, who is part of the Coffee Club.

On May 1 the club will be joined by community volunteers to sell chicken halves for $7 each at Shreve Auto Repair, where Marty Hershberger, president of the Shreve Business Community Association, and a crew will cook the chicken. The chicken also can be purchased at Steiner Lumber, 410 W. South St., Shreve. Both are drive-thru sites. The fundraiser will begin at 10:30 a.m. and will last until the chicken is sold out.

“This is a community project,” Biggs said. “It’s something that is important to everyone.”

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