Area demand for STNAs continues to rise

Area demand for STNAs continues to rise

According to Wayne County Care Center administrator Judy Beichler, nurse aides are in demand, and those seeking a career in the healthcare profession can get paid while in training.


The Wayne County Care Center provides long-term care to older adults and those needing rehabilitation services. To maintain the high level of healthcare the community expects, the care center seeks career-minded individuals to enroll in the State Tested Nurse Aide program.

STNAs are crucial in delivering care to center patients and its residents.

Becoming an STNA can be a rewarding career path with many benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

“The demand for STNAs continues to surge as the population ages,” Wayne County Care Center administrator Judy Beichler said. “STNAs play a crucial role in providing care and support to residents, ensuring their comfort, safety and well-being.”

As people live longer, the prevalence of chronic illnesses and age-related conditions also has risen, creating a greater need for skilled caregivers.

The care center strives to deliver personalized care to its residents. STNAs are integral to this effort as they develop relationships with residents, understand their needs and provide individualized care plans.

“An individual can become an STNA in two weeks and get paid while in training,” Beichler said. “Becoming an STNA provides a sense of peace and reassurance, knowing that there will always be opportunities for employment in this field.”

Along with job security, the healthcare industry offers a range of career-advancement opportunities for STNAs. With additional training and education, STNAs can pursue other positions such as licensed practical nurse or registered nurse. This career progression provides further job security and opens up new opportunities with increased earning potential.

By providing a competitive salary and benefits package, the Wayne County Care Center shows its commitment to attracting and retaining STNAs.

To learn more about a career with the Wayne County Care Center, visit or call 330-262-1786. The next class will begin March 4.

Dan Starcher is the public communications coordinator for Wayne County.

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