Pomerene offering latest in mammography with 3-D screening

Pomerene offering latest in mammography with 3-D screening

Pomerene Hospital recently announced the availability of 3-D mammography to its patients.


Pomerene Hospital recently announced the availability of 3-D mammography to patients of Holmes County and beyond.

Three-dimensional mammography, also known as digital breast tomosynthesis, takes images from multiple angles and uses computer processing to create the mammogram images. This allows for better visualization of the breast tissue and better detection of breast cancers.

By using 3-D images, the radiologists’ ability is improved to detect potential breast cancer, reduce the impact of overlapping breast tissue that can hide tumors and help reduce the number of false positive readings. Ultimately, these advancements lead to fewer patient callbacks, fewer images needing to be scanned and fewer biopsies needing to be taken.

“We are very excited to offer this new technology to our community,” said Teresa Balder, director of outpatient services at Pomerene. “In addition to 2-D imaging, 3-D tomosynthesis will allow for more imaging of the breast to assist with our computer-aided detection software, ultimately improving the detection of breast cancer earlier.”

The new mammography unit is installed with a SmartCurve Breast Stabilization System. Only a few facilities in the area provide this stabilization system option. The SmartCurve system is a curved compression surface that mirrors the shape of a woman’s breast and applies uniform compression over the entire breast, thereby reducing pinching. It is clinically proven to deliver a more comfortable mammogram without increasing exposure or radiology dosage.

“Having a 3-D mammography service will help make it possible to detect breast cancer in earlier stages so treatment can begin sooner, giving our patients a greater chance of beating this disease,” said Fran Lauriha, chief nursing officer of Pomerene.

Pomerene is emphasizing the importance of utilizing preventive health measures and scheduling age-appropriate screenings such as mammograms. At age 40 the best defense against breast cancer is an annual mammogram, and Pomerene has the latest innovation and technology in mammography with 3-D screening.

“Statistically, 1-in-8 women will get breast cancer at some time in their life. Do the math. Do you know 40 women? Divide that by eight. Statistically, five of those women you name will get breast cancer. That’s sobering,” said Dr. Eva Durbin, radiologist at Pomerene Hospital, about the importance of getting an annual mammogram.

“The great news is with breast cancer screening, cancers can be detected earlier,” she said. “The earlier the cancer is detected, the better the outcome and the more likely the woman will survive her cancer. The American College of Radiology recommends starting breast-cancer screening at age 40 and getting a mammogram annually (for women of average risk; high-risk women should consult their provider regarding when to start breast-cancer screening). Pomerene’s new digital breast tomosynthesis is a really wonderful benefit to the community because this technology helps detect more cancers.”

Call Pomerene Imaging Services to schedule a mammogram at 330-674-1584 ext. 4124.

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