Health building progress continues slowly but surely

Health building progress continues slowly but surely
Dave Mast

Construction on the new Holmes County Health District building on Glen Drive in Millersburg continues to progress slowly but surely, with completion still expected later this summer.


As one health building comes down, another rises in what will soon be a beautiful new Holmes County Health District building.

With the razing of the former health building located next to Pomerene Hospital now complete and the rubble the only remaining physical remnants, the new health building on Glen Drive in Millersburg continues to march slowly but surely toward the day the health department and Holmes County Emergency Agency will make it their new home.

“One gets knocked down, and the other rises from its ashes,” Holmes County commissioner Dave Hall said.

Hall said many people are eager to get the new health building completed so the health district can move in, and plenty of people have inquired as to when it will be ready.

Hall said the process has been slow going, but the county wants to make sure everything is done properly, and with so many working parts and different crews being asked to play a role in the construction process, it has taken time.

“The goal (to complete the project) is sometime in July, but right now we’re still working on getting all the permits,” Hall said. “We really can’t land until we get everything tightened up. Right now we are working on completing all of the little things, and sometimes all those little things actually take a lot longer to complete.”

Hall said members of the commissioner board are visiting the site daily to get updates and discuss progress with various groups working on the building. Hall said Susan Schie, commissioner clerk, has been their eyes and ears, visiting the facility nearly daily to keep the commissioners updated.

“We’re monitoring it closely, but we’re not pushing it because it has helped us save money by expanding the time frame out as much as we did,” Hall said. “As you drive by, you can see they are making a lot of changes and we’re getting there. It’s been a real team effort, and we are pleased with the progress, even though it isn’t going as quickly as we had initially hoped it would.”

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