Local health providers ask for mask wearing, social distancing

Local health providers ask for mask wearing, social distancing

Letter to the Editor,

We have all grown weary of living through and even talking about the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, it is the reality that we have to navigate. There is so much information coming from so many sources that it can be difficult to know the right thing to do.

We, as your local doctors, do not yet understand everything about COVID-19. However, we hope you trust us enough to know we work hard to sift through the available evidence-based data on COVID-19, in hopes of helping protect Holmes County residents with sound medical advice. For most of our adult lives we have been working to improve the health of our community members, friends, and family. As your doctors, we’re committed to continue that.

As businesses have been reopening and social events have resumed, the number of COVID-19 cases has spiked in Holmes County. Fortunately, there hasn’t been a large spike in deaths. This could change quickly if a wave of infection would sweep through our nursing homes and affected our mothers, fathers, and grandparents.

Whether or not our community ends up with many deaths, and whether or not we think COVID-19 dangers are overblown, our state leaders are watching each county’s infection rates. It is possible that if we are deemed a hot spot for COVID-19 cases, we will be mandated to shut down non-essential businesses once again. Many in Holmes County have connections to businesses and we all would like to see them remain open.

Evidence gathered from multiple studies makes it clear that wearing a mask is an effective and low cost way to slow the spread of COVID-19. There is much talk about masks causing more harm than good. This is simply not true for the vast majority of people, though masks can be uncomfortable. For individuals who are unable to wear a mask, a face shield is likely a good alternative.

We can keep doing business in Holmes County. We, as your health care providers, are simply asking that you do that business with a mask and socially distance as much as you are able. As doctors we wear masks most of the day. We know it isn’t convenient, or comfortable, but we feel it is worth it. Not only will it help to keep our businesses open, but it will help to prevent loved ones from getting sick or, in some cases, dying. If you choose not to wear a mask for your own health or business, please consider doing so out of love and concern for your vulnerable neighbor.


J. Eric Miller, MD

Also signed by: R. Kim Kornhaus, MD; Whitney Hoffstetter, NP; Andy Hart, MD; Laura Barr, MD; Yasser Omran, MD; Beth Amicone, FNP-C; Daniel J. Miller, MD (retired); Scott Brown, MD; Pierre Latouf, MD; D.J. McFadden, MD MPH; John Vaccariello, MD; Jenna Frakowski, D.O.; Claudia Rozuk, MD; Ibrahim Sozen, MD; Janet Dailey, MD; Kim Hills PA-C; Melissa Palmer PA-C; Crystal Uptain CNM; Barbara Poole CNM; and Kim Miller CNM.

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