Baseball historian to speak at Dover Public Library

Baseball historian to speak at Dover Public Library

Scott H. Longert, well-known baseball historian, will speak in Dover.


Scott H. Longert, well-known baseball historian, will talk about his book, "Bad Boys, Bad Times: The Cleveland Indians and Baseball in the Prewar Years 1937-1941," on Thursday, Feb. 27 at 6 p.m. at Dover Public Library.

This book is the follow-up to his "No Money, No Beer, No Pennants: The Cleveland Indians and Baseball in the Great Depression."

In 1937 the Great Depression was still lingering, but at baseball parks across the country, there was a sense of optimism. Major League attendance was on a sharp rise. Tickets to an Indians game at League Park on Lexington and East 66th were $1.60 for box seats, $1.35 for reserve seats and 55 cents for the bleachers.

Cleveland fans were particularly upbeat. Bob Feller, the teenage phenomenon, was a farm boy with a blistering fast ball. Night games were an exciting development. Better days were ahead.

But there were mounting issues facing the Indians. For one thing it was rumored the team had illegally signed Feller. Kenesaw Mountain Landis, baseball commissioner and judge, was looking into that matter and one other. Issues with an alcoholic catcher, dugout fights, bats thrown into stands, injuries and a player revolt kept things lively.

Sherrel Rieger, adult programming assistant at the library, said many parts of the book contain details one could imagine in the play-by-play broadcasting of the game.

“Longert gives fans a realistic inside look into the team during that period of time,” Rieger said.

Longert will introduce fans to his newest publication, "Cy Young: American Baseball Hero,"
which tells the life story of Cy Young, the "hardest-throwing pitcher" in baseball history. This portion of the program will be of particular interest to people living in Tuscarawas County because Young was born in the area.

The target audience for this book is middle school readers, but people of all ages will enjoy Longert’s explanations about the basics of America’s favorite pastime.

The program will be in the community room at the library, which is located at 525 N. Walnut St. in Dover. A book-signing will take place after the program.

Call the library at 330-343-6123 for more information.

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