Board of health wants us to obey stay-at-home order

Board of health wants us to obey stay-at-home order

The Holmes County Board of Health has created several guidelines for various circumstances that may occur during the COVID-19 threat. May 1 is currently the time line set forth for the current issues created by the virus.


The Holmes County Board of Health — comprised of Kurt Rodhe, president; Misty Burns, president-elect; Carol Miller, past president; Dr. Eric Miller, MD; and Paul Miller — has been working diligently alongside health commissioner Michael Derr and health district staff to ensure the health and safety of Holmes County residents as COVID-19 spreads throughout Ohio and into Holmes County.

The board of health asks all residents of Holmes County including the Amish and Mennonite communities to do their part by following the director’s amended stay-at-home order, which lasts until 11:59 p.m. on May 1. Holmes County residents and employers are encouraged to read the director’s amended order and comply. Visit the Ohio Department of Health COVID-19 website for the full document at If you do not have the internet and need a copy, call the health district at 330-674-5035.

All Ohio residents have been ordered to stay at home or one’s place of residence until May 1 with exceptions for essential activities, essential government functions and/or to participate in essential businesses and operations. All public and private gatherings of any number of people outside of a single household or living unit and any gathering of more than 10 people is prohibited with exceptions. Exempted entities include essential businesses and operations and are required to follow social-distancing guidelines.

Nonessential businesses and operations must cease. Businesses that are home-based may continue operations if employers or contractors are performing activities at their own homes or if the business consists of a single person. All essential businesses and operations must follow social-distancing and sanitary guidelines. The board of health and the health district are prepared to take action against noncompliance.

In addition Holmes County leaders and community members are asked to consider the following to ensure adherence to the stay-at-home order:

Church: Postpone church services or conduct religious services remotely until after May 1.

Weddings: Postpone weddings and receptions until after May 1 or allow only immediate family, and at a marriage ceremony (not exceeding 10 people), follow all social-distancing guidelines.

Funerals: Limit funeral services to immediate family until after May 1 (not exceeding 10 people) and plan memorial services for later.

Receptions of weddings and funeral services, along with any group dining (potlucks and more), cannot exceed 10 people until after May 1. The board of health will use appropriate action as allowed by law to address noncompliance.

In an effort to keep Holmes County protected, it’s vital all community members participate in social distancing, but this doesn’t stop people from working together by being apart. Make the most of this time: go outside, get exercise, read a new book, try a new recipe, check in with family and friends via phone or online (or a 6-foot distance), support local food banks, and continue to encourage each other. Together, we will get through this.

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