Kasich signs executive order creating Office of Opportunities for New Americans

Kasich signs executive order creating Office of Opportunities for New Americans

The Office of Opportunities for New Americans collaborates with Ohio's state agencies to connect new Americans with training and educational programs to equip them for the 21st-century workforce.


Gov. John R. Kasich announced the creation of the Office of Opportunities for New Americans and the New Americans Advisory Committee to help legal immigrants more successfully become part of Ohio and find job opportunities in the state.

“Ohio was built by immigrants, and to continue building, we need new people from wherever we can find them,” Kasich said. “As we have become one of the nation’s top job creators, our businesses increasingly need a robust pipeline of hard-working people. The Buckeye State is a great, welcoming place to work and raise a family, and whether you are from Indiana or India, New England or Old England, we want you in Ohio.”

The new office, which will be housed within the Ohio Development Services Agency, will help to ensure legal immigrants successfully integrate into communities by breaking down barriers in state government to improve workforce development opportunities. 

The 12-member advisory committee will be named soon and will include members who presently engage new immigrant populations in the private sector, nonprofit community and government. They will be joined by leaders with various state agencies that provide programs and services to support immigrants through education, training, employment and entrepreneurship.

A new website at www.NewAmericans.Ohio.Gov has been created to help new immigrants better navigate various state programs.

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