Still no fire contract in Village of Zoar

Still no fire contract in Village of Zoar

The village currently has no fire contract with either the Bolivar or the Zoar fire departments but does have a contract for emergency medical services with the Bolivar Fire Department.


At its January meeting, Zoar council members heard the first reading of a resolution to contract with the Bolivar Fire Department for fire protection as part of the Lawrence Township trustees contract with the department.

However, Mayor Scott Gordon said changes were still being made to the contract by the trustees and the fire department. In light of this, he also presented a draft resolution for a “bridge” contract in case agreement between the fire department and township trustees is delayed.

The village currently has no fire contract with either the Bolivar or the Zoar fire departments but does have a contract for emergency medical services with the Bolivar Fire Department. However, the Bolivar Fire Department has previously pledged to respond to any fire occurring in the village while contract details are being ironed out.

In other business council heard the first reading of an ordinance for 2021 permanent appropriations, adopted an ordinance amending 2020 temporary appropriations and heard the first reading of an ordinance to contract with attorney Doug Frautschy as village solicitor for 2021.

In addition, council learned a late fee was assessed to a gas bill, which was paid late due to delays in mail delivery. In order to avoid such instances in the future, council voted to allow Heather Lehmiller, fiscal officer, to pay any future bills that may present the same problem in lieu of holding a special council meeting and vote.

Committee reports

Street commissioner David Irwin said he spoke to county commissioners about the condition of Dover-Zoar Road within the village corporation limits. He said council would have to de-annex that portion of the road in order for the county to repair and maintain it. Frautschy said the area is legally said to be owned by the United States. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers also is involved because the road sits atop the levee. Frautschy will look into the issue and give a report to council at the February meeting.

Irwin also asked for, and council approved, allocating $500 for road patch, $250 for gas for the village truck and $500 for miscellaneous street-related expenses to come out of the street fund. Council also approved $300 for the purchase of slag out of the cemetery fund.

Safety committee chair Tom Klingaman proposed the purchase of four security cameras to be installed in the village. He said the PEP insurance company will donate $2,000 toward the purchase, bringing the village share of the cost down to $1,900. Council will vote on the purchase next month.

“The system we are looking at is very impressive,” Klingaman said, “with the ability to read license plates even at night.” The cost includes all four cameras and a monitor.

Committee appointments and positions for 2021

Council voted to re-elect Gayle Potelicki as council president pre-tem. Council also voted to approve the following positions and committee appointments recommended by Gordon:

—Finance: fiscal officer Heather Lehmiller, Gordon and all council members.

—County health board: Gordon and all council members.

—Village fire protection officer: Shawn Lynch, Bolivar Fire Department fire chief.

—Compliance officer: Hans Fischer.

—Regional planning: Gordon and Fischer.

—Village planning: Joe Cline (chair), Gordon, Fischer, Mark Gaynor and Mark Welty. Potelicki asked to be added to the commission and removed from the historic preservation committee. Council approved the request, with Fischer and Judy Meiser voting no.

—Safety: Klingaman (chair), Gordon, David Irwin and Joe Potelicki.

—Street committee and street commissioner: Irwin.

—Historic preservation: Gordon (chair), Klingaman, Gaynor and Patrick Eddy.

—Rules: Fischer and Meiser.

—Shade tree: Welty (chair), Gordon, Fischer and Kim Klingaman.

—Cemetery board: Gaynor (administrator), Gordon, Irwin and Kaye Cline.

—Zoning inspector: David Hayes. Gayle Potelicki recommended making the zoning inspector a joint position to be shared by Hayes and Darrel Markijohn to ease the workload. The idea was referred to the planning commission to be discussed at its next meeting.

—Zoar Community Association representatives: Gordon and J. Potelicki.

The next meeting will be held Feb. 9 at 6 p.m. via phone conference.

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