Zoar Council plans to detach section of Dover-Zoar Road

Zoar Council plans to detach section of Dover-Zoar Road
Lori Feeney

Zoar Council members agreed to initiate the process of detaching the portion of Dover-Zoar Road atop the Zoar Levee as it needs repairs the village cannot fund. Detaching the section of County Road 82 will make the county responsible for maintenance and repairs.


At its May meeting, Zoar Council members voted to have Street Commissioner David Irwin initiate the process of detaching a section of Dover-Zoar Road that runs across the top of the Zoar Levee. Although that part of County Road 82 is regulated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the village must have a survey and plat prepared because it is within the village limits.

Mayor Scott Gordon said it will cost approximately $1,600 for the survey and plat, but it is necessary as the village cannot afford the cost of repairing and maintaining the road and guardrail. Detaching the road will place the responsibility for doing so back onto the county.

In other street news, Irwin asked for and council approved an expenditure of $500 to purchase four risers for sanitary sewers. Irwin also said going through the county engineer’s office for bids on asphalt will save the village more than $30,000 on paving.

Jon Elsasser, president of the Zoar Community Association, asked council to address the large potholes in the Zoar Post Office parking lot, as well as the signage.

Agreement to help purchase new fire truck

Council voted to participate in the joint purchase of a new Pierce Quint fire truck to be used by the Bolivar Volunteer Fire Department in providing fire service to Bolivar, Zoar and Lawrence Township. Rick Wigfield from the fire department said the new ladder and pump combo will be more maneuverable within the village streets than their existing trucks and that the department will save $200,000 by purchasing a demo truck.

According to Ann Ackerman, Lawrence Township fiscal officer, the total purchase price of the truck is a little over $1 million, with $579,000 of that being financed by the township over three years. Ackerman said the new truck will be paid off by October 2025.

During discussion Gordon raised the topic of the village’s fire contract, saying council may want to consider either a three-year contract or an automatically renewing contract starting next year.

Levee project status

Gordon said the Army Corps is analyzing new soil samples from the test trench, and if the results are good, work should begin on repairing the levee early next month and completed by this fall.

Gordon also said the corps is discussing the possible need to install additional relief wells next year as a separate project, which would not require any additional archaeological studies.

Mayor’s report

Gordon said he has purchased and will donate three new crabapple trees to replace those that were hit by a car along state Route 212 near Sixth Street. The driver had no insurance to cover the cost of replacement.

Gordon thanked the Tusky Valley students who helped prepare the garden, clean up the cemetery and perform other work as part of their annual Pay It Forward Day on April 22. He also thanked the Zoar Garden Club for donating two new picnic tables for outside the Zoar School House. The tables were constructed by students at Buckeye Career Center.

In other business

Irwin said the new swings for the school house playground have arrived and are ready to install. He also said he has ordered the new street closing signs as requested.

In legislation council heard the second reading by title only of an ordinance to revise current zoning regulations and passed an ordinance confirming its policy of not maintaining unopened alleys within the village.

The next council meeting will be held Tuesday, June 14 at 6 p.m. at the Zoar School House.

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