A local driver’s plea to Amish pedestrians

A local driver’s plea to Amish pedestrians

Letter to the Editor,

Dear Amish family,

I almost hit you last night.Last night, an amazing spring evening, as I was driving to church, I came around a blind curve, and there you were, eight or 10 of you, neatly dressed and merrily walking toward me right in my lane, crowded almost to the center line. The second I saw you I swerved. I missed you — this time.

If a vehicle had been oncoming in the lane I swerved in to, it would’ve been a head-on collision. I would’ve had a split second to choose.

I don’t think I was driving too fast. I slowed down to round the curve. Even plowing into you at 45 mph may have caused serious injuries or worse. I tremble to ponder it. Imagine the scene. The road would be blocked for several hours, especially so a helicopter could land.

Then the funerals would begin, visits to the hospital — so many tears, so many hours of rehab, counseling, fractured family, empty chairs never to be filled again and a driver scarred for life.

How many accidents need to happen till walkers along the road will observe road safety? Walk on left-facing traffic. Walk single file around a curve if you must walk there. Wear light-colored clothing or a reflective jacket after dark — extra care at dawn or dusk.

A special thanks to bikers and school children who already take precautions. It’s a relief to drivers to be able to see you well in advance.

This accident didn’t happen — this time. But next time in a carefree moment when you least expect, this accident could happen to your family. So please consider this message. Share the road. We drivers have nowhere else to go.

Lena Eicher


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