Climate change a moral issue, not political

Climate change a moral issue, not political

Letter to the Editor:

It’s time to realize science and education are not to be confused with conspiracy theories on social media, that there is a real value in facts and none in outrageous lies.

Climate change is something we’re all experiencing and is proven by scientific observation and data that we can all understand if we want to be truthful. What is more difficult to understand is how the fossil fuel industry has convinced us we are to blame for not just our individual sins of pollution but for the huge amounts of carbon the industry is spewing into the atmosphere, threatening all life on the planet by its build-up.

Stopping that from continuing in the United States of America means persuading our legislators — both Republican and Democrat — to lead the fight for cleaner energy. Real change will happen when those producing the carbon take responsibility for the polluted warming mess we’re in and cooperate in cleaning it up. A carbon fee and dividend plan allows the market system we have figure out the best solutions so we all have a chance to survive and thrive in this nation.

This is where an organization like Citizens Climate Lobby comes in. This is a national organization with members in all 50 states, as well as around the world. In the U.S. we work within our democracy to get the best possible outcomes for everyone. Communicating with our elected officials means that in the case of climate change we hold our legislators accountable for the future of our children and grandchildren. As an organization, CCL needs strength in numbers to prove the depth of our concern for living up to the promises we make to those who come after us. Becoming a member doesn’t cost anything. CCL insists on bipartisanship.

Climate change is a moral issue, not a political one. If you share a grave concern for the environment and want to find answers on how to solve the problems together, please join us at The Wooster chapter has monthly Zoom meetings.

Juli Douglass-Gillespie


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