Election experience 'excellent' in Wayne County

Election experience 'excellent' in Wayne County

Letter to the Editor:

At this time when people are beginning to believe no one can work together, we want to remind everyone of the excellent bipartisan effort that happened in Wayne County. Julie Leathers Stahl, director, and Rich Corfman, deputy director, led our bipartisan team at the Wayne County Board of Elections and held an excellent election experience for everyone.

As the board we want to thank our very dedicated staff who worked seven days a week and many times 10- to 12-hour days for several weeks prior to the election to make sure we would have a fair and transparent election, ensuring every vote was counted exactly as it was cast. We also want to thank the temporary workers hired to help in this process, along with the many volunteers. We could not have done it without all of you. At every polling location, our bipartisan team of poll workers did an excellent job of serving the public, and we thank you.

This election provided folks an opportunity to vote by mail, vote in person early, return their absentee ballot at our secure drop-off box, vote on election day at their polling place and, if requested, curbside service for those using the early voting and at each polling location on Tuesday. Wayne County’s election was accessible to everyone.

We handled over 18,000 absentee ballots. The early voting room at our Vanover Building office had voters every day who patiently waited their turn and were courteous to the staff. In the last week, we had over 800 people a day voting early and averaged a vote being cast every 50 seconds. At polling locations across the county on Tuesday, our voters’ wait was minimal, and all 67 precincts reported in on time on election day.

Thank you all for providing an excellent election experience for all Wayne County voters this November.

Elizabeth Sheets, chair, Wayne County Board of Elections; Charlie Hardman, board member; K. William Bailey, board member; and Ann Obrecht, board member.

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