Ex-member voting Starcher for Wooster school board

Ex-member voting Starcher for Wooster school board

Editor’s note: Letters concerning races and/or issues on the Nov. 2 ballot will no longer be accepted.

Letter to the Editor,

I am writing this letter to endorse and ask you to vote for Jody Starcher for the Wooster City Schools Board of Education. I am writing this letter from the perspective of a former School Board member (from 1992-2002 when working with the community to build the new high school) and a retired Vice-President of Logistics (supply chain) at Smucker’s from 1973-2007.

Jody worked for me in Customer Service where she managed teams responsible for service to our customers, then she managed the US distribution network, and currently is the Director of Customer Supply Chain Initiatives engaging with our largest customers. Her team is responsible for elevating the relationship with the customer, increasing sales, and decreasing costs. She knows what it takes to run a business. She is also trained in Kepner-Tregoe’s Decision Making Management Processes, which we used extensively at Smucker’s to analyze problems and opportunities and make decisions. That is a process skill that she can definitely bring to the Board.

Jody has worked for Smucker’s for 22 years, and I have known her over that time period. She was born in Wooster, went to Wooster City Schools, and has lived in Wooster all of her life. Her husband, Dan, has worked for The Daily Record as a photographer and writer covering community affairs. Her son, Devon, is a Senior at WHS and a member of the golf team. They are a family that knows and cares about Wooster as a community and a school system. She is also a volunteer in the OHuddle Program working with students in Wooster and Orrville as a part of Smucker’s initiative in Orrville with the Heartland Education Community. She knows Wooster City Schools as a student, parent, and business person, and she can bring that kind of experience and perspective to the Wooster City Schools Board of Education. She deserves your vote.

J. D. Milliken


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