Let's each do our part

Let's each do our part

Letter to the Editor,

The Native Americans, who lived in balance with creation, did not take more than they needed. They lived within their tribe with equality, each giving as they received.

As the world changed, the Hopi Indians had a term called Koyaanisqasti to describe "Life out of balance." We are living with the consequences of this imbalance as things are now inside out, backward and upside down.

It takes courage to look in the mirror and honestly reflect how our individual choices contribute to the disconnection and imbalance in our world.

Must we acknowledge that as humans we have taken too much? Just because something is easily available, does it justify that we must exhaust something? The "Buy Now" button is so tempting, but it impacts us all.

"Poor is not the person who has little, but the person who craves more," Seneca explained.

When do we ever say, "I have enough?"

During WWII, we all pulled together to conserve resources for the good of all. Must we now again come together for the common good? Are we able, as humans, to carefully, truthfully and reflectively examine our individual consumption habits and to change the course of our collective insatiable desire for more? Are we now facing the devastating impact our choices are having on our environment and all life?

We need trees. We need clean water. We need soil and air that are not poisoned and polluted. We need to love one another. We need to care for others.

We must stand up and be the change that is essential for the health and healing that is desperately needed. The world will change by the way you live, not by your opinions.

Henry David Thoreau reminds us, "The man is the richest whose pleasures are the cheapest."

There is nothing like a walk through the forest, throwing the ball with your child or playing with your dog.

To bring generosity and simplicity to every experience changes the economic-political paradigm, which is based on rampant consumption. This imbalance is causing the collective diseases of anxiety, stress, depression, anger and fear.

Focusing on the "small things" in life, with fullness and love, and being aware of the impacts of our choices can change the world for the better — both now and for all that lies ahead.

Let's each do our part to bring this world and ourselves back into balance. Give kindness and you will receive love in return.

Kevin and Theresa Clark


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