Wooster square missing its trees

Wooster square missing its trees

Letter to the editor,

Please tell me the only reason the southwest corner of the Public Square no longer has welcoming shade trees is because it’s simply too late to plant them again this year?

Two or three apparently healthy large trees stood there for years, but they were cut down for the recent renovation. The new brick work is nice, but this spot now feels bare and harsh without any leafy trees to soften the general ambiance. Nor are there any umbrellas over the outdoor tables to provide some protection from the elements.

Wooster is one of the three original “Tree Cities” in Ohio, and that designation has been continuously re-certified for the last 45 years. But how does this jive with the city’s motto — “Keeping Tradition a Part of Our Future” — if the center of town now has less trees than it did before the facelift? I hope we can find a way to plant more trees all around the Square.

Carolyn Robinson


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