Residents support New Philadelphia bond issue

Residents support New Philadelphia bond issue

Letter to the Editor:

There are multiple reasons why we support the New Philadelphia City Schools bond issue, which will appear on the March 17 primary election ballot.

One of those reasons is at a very personal level to us. Our daughter, Alexa, is a second-grade student at South Elementary School. Her classroom is brightly lit, appropriately supplied and, despite overcrowding, generally conducive to learning. However, frightening events in today’s world raise concern about her safety and the safety of her classmates. Because of the South Elementary construction concept in 1974, Alexa and her classmates are in an unusual learning environment.

You see Alexa’s classroom has no doors. Yes, the room has entrances. The main entrance is from the classroom hallway. It’s covered with a curtain but has no permanent door. The alternate entrance is at the opposite end of the classroom off of a shorter hallway. It has no door and no curtain. That entrance is mere steps to an exterior door that leads to the walkway from the parking lot.

In the event an intruder with terrible intentions manages to gain access to South Elementary, Alexa’s teacher has no ability to protect her students and herself within the classroom. She has no doors to close, lock and barricade to provide shelter. Most of the other classrooms at South Elementary appear to have identical situations that do not provide optimal safety and security.

We’re aware state-of-the-art safety measures will be a high priority in the design and construction of the new school buildings. In today’s world those measures must be given that priority.

When you consider the bond issue to build new schools, think of Alexa and her second-grade classmates at South Elementary School. Please vote for Issue 4. It’s the Right Plan — Right Time!

Dwayne and Tiffany


New Philadelphia

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