Trying to ‘raise the average’

Trying to ‘raise the average’

Letter to the Editor:

As I walk into the store, I am minding my own business — as is everybody else. I can pick up items, examine them and put them back on the shelf or in my shopping cart.

I can browse around, tell the friendly staff I don’t (yet) need any help and they leave me be.

If I don’t find what I want, I leave the store. I can have my cell phone out, and nobody feels threatened.

I get the benefit of the doubt, innocent until proven guilty.

When I talk to people, it usually doesn’t take long and they ask me where I am from. I am from Germany, and you can hear it when I am talking. Sometimes, they tell me they have ancestors or family from Germany, that they have been to Germany on vacation or while in the service. We have a pleasant conversation because I am from a “good” country.

I look the same as they do.

When I am out and about, I acknowledge Black people — with more emphasis than White people. You might call this “reverse racism.” (There is no such thing. Don’t confuse it with prejudice, bigotry, ignorance.) I call it “raising the average.”

For every bad experience a Black person has with a White one, I want to make up for. I want to make sure the Black person is acknowledged, seen and respected — as they should be.

It is my way of saying: “I see you and I respect you.” It is my way of saying: “I know that not everybody treats you with the respect you deserve.” But I do not understand how they feel because I never felt that way. I never experienced what Black people experience every day. I want to say I am standing with you, but I can’t — because I never stood in your place.

I am different, but I don’t look different. In light of the recent events at the Capitol, more evident than ever.

This is White privilege.

Herbert Weber


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