Wooster schools need another way to fund levies


Letter to the Editor,

Property taxes. It’s all about property taxes. On May 2 the voters in the Wooster City School District will be asked to approve an increase in taxes for property owners for the next 36 years. Voters in the district not owning property have the same choice, whether or not to impose more taxes for property owners. Seems unfair, doesn’t it?

This is “phase one” of the district’s “master plan,” meaning they will ask for more money in the future. Then they will ask for more money for operating costs. See a pattern here? Currently, the district has 10 continuous operating levies in place.

On Nov. 22, 2022, the board advertised in The Daily Record for a construction manager to oversee the demolition of Cornerstone, Kean, Melrose and Parkview elementary schools and Edgewood Middle School. These buildings will be replaced by a new pre-k through second grade elementary school, a grades 3-5 elementary school, a grades 6-8 middle school and renovations to the high school, according to the “master plan” approved by the board.

Presently, property owners in the WCSD have to pay way more than every other district in the county. Most districts in the county have figured out their voters are tired of property taxes and have approved some form of an income tax to fund their districts. Why does the WCSB not try this approach? Superintendent Tudor has said, “People will look back and be appreciative of forward thinking.” Why not try that approach to fund their mission? They haven’t said.

If you question the accuracy of any of this information, please go to the Wayne County auditor’s website or stop into their office and ask questions for yourself. An informed electorate can make wise decisions.

Alan Poulson


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