Find the damage of Issue 1 in the fine print

Find the damage  of Issue 1 in the fine print

Letter to the Editor,

“Protect our Constitution?” It ain’t true. This amendment would hurt citizens by protecting politicians from our Constitution.

The current amendment process protects us when our politicos get too big — or too greedy — for their britches.

If, as Mr. LaRose purports, the proposed changes are “all about abortion,” then why was the threshold set so low? The November amendment vote might get 60%. Why did our legislature/senate not set the Aug. 8 hurdle at 90%? Maybe the answer is money and power.

Do you imagine our Columbus pols are sad that mega-millions from outside of Ohio landed in their pockets, just for setting up this bizarre election? Could you imagine that by setting passage at just 60%, they might hope to entice another gazillionaire to wave money at them, line their coffers, if they do his bidding?

The real damage of the upcoming ballot is in the “fine print” — limits on how to get an amendment onto the ballot.

Wayne County’s commissioners just voted, in opposition to their constituents’ testimony, for regulations that harm the revenue potential of Wayne County’s farms, subject to a gauntlet of iffy red tape. My Iowa farm aunts and uncles would have railed against loss of value without compensation — even if it were done by the party they voted for.

Imagine if our current legislature/senate — or any in future decades — passed a law that harmed farmers statewide. Getting a 60% vote to counteract it could happen. But how would you get tens of thousands of Cuyahoga County signatures to put it on the ballot?

Jay Klemme

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