“We don’t just line things up on the shelves,” said owner Tim Schlabach. “We try to create the atmosphere and experience to inspire people as to what they can do.”  Indeed, this is not a typical retail store. Around every corner is a new nook with carefully placed home décor items interspersed with primitive furniture. Most feature items that every home incorporates.  
“These are essentials that you use in your home every day. We have a lot of neat primitive pieces in and around our displays that are also for sale,” continued Schlabach, who also owns the Amish Country Peddler shop next door. “We send people next door if we feel there is something there that they are looking for, such as the larger pieces of furniture.”

The shop has expanded its line of American made textiles, most of which are also made in Pennsylvania.  Time honored methods are used to weave coverlets, blankets, pillow shams, and other bedding linens. With an atmosphere created for each season, floral swags, seasonal bulbs, strands of colored lights, primitive prints, and many other delights await visitors.  The Peddler is also one of the largest distributors of Crocs in Ohio.

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