Incredible vision, an immaculate eye for detail and great patience: Those are the attributes of Ernest “Mooney” Warther, master carver. Warther Museum, located at 331 Karl Avenue in Dover, is dedicated to the genius and perfection of Warther’s impeccable, unmatched carvings.

With guided tours taking guests throughout the displays of Warther’s priceless works of art, visitors can gain insight into how these awe-inspiring carvings were made. In addition, they will learn about the life of the many who brought these carving to life with his immense talent.

While Warther’s exquisite carvings are the big draw, there are many other fascinating avenues to explore at Warther Museum. The button house, featuring more than 73,000 buttons that were collected and mounted by Warther’s wife, Freida, the incredible gift shop and the lush, radiant gardens are sure to lift your spirits.

Warther Museum is the perfect destination for individuals, families or groups. Countless generations have toured the museum, exploring Warther’s detailed, mesmerizing carvings, which have been appraised as priceless works of art by the Smithsonian Institute.

Family-owned and operated, the museum is currently under the direction of Warther’s grand-daughter, Carol Warther-Moreland. Open seven days a week, Warther Musuem makes for the perfect destination on any tour of Ohio’s Amish Country.

Hours of operation are daily from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with the final tour of each day beginning at 3:45 p.m.

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Business Hours

Mon 9am- 5pm
Tues 9am- 5pm
Wed 9am- 5pm
Thurs 9am- 5pm
Fri 9am- 5pm
Sat 9am- 5pm
Sun 9am- 5pm