AKC REGISTER YELLOW Lab female 4yrs old. Bred to mini-red Poodle. Due middle/end of Jan. Very good mother, throws quality puppies. (330)620-6226
AKC REGISTERED CHOCOLATE Newfoundland female. Good mother throws large liters. and Black & white New Newfoundland bred to mini-Party Poodle. Due mid/end of Jan. Good mother. Large liters and quality puppies. (330)620-6226
BLUE HEALER PUPS DOB 10/26/18. 7-males 2-females. $100/males $250/females. Ready 12/21/18. Daniel Miller (330)897-1307
ROSE, A VERY sweet, friendly 9mo. old, 7/8 English Bulldog, needs a good home. Fawn & white. Minor treatable eye issue. Pet only. (330)567-3432.
AT STUD BEAUTIFUL, Brindle AKC Poodle, 25lbs. Red/Parti/Phantom bloodlines. Females must be brucellosis tested. Pick-up available, (330)231-1665.
AT STUD, SABLE/BRINDLE Standard Poodle. Phantom/Parti bloodlines. Females must be brucellosis tested, (330)231-1665.
AT STUD BLUE Merle Standard Poodle. Available to service following breeds: Labs, Aussie, Newfies, Sheepdog, and St. Bernard. Females must be brucellosis tested. Pick-up available, (330)231-1665.
1YR. OLD AKC Ruby Cavalier Male. Proven $1,200; 1&1/2 yr old AKC Maltese male, $500; 2 1yr. old Cavalier Pappillon females. Make offer. Delbert Miller, (330)852-0705.
OHIOPUPS4U LET US help you sell your puppies. We take pictures and advertise online for you. $25-$30/per pup. (330)600-4066
1 ACA 4YR. old, long haired, silver dapple Dachshund female $350; 2 ACA long haired, female Dachshund puppies, 10 weeks old, (330)600-0754.
4MTH OLD AKC male Husky $250. Black w/some white markings. (330)231-8672
AKC FRENCH BULLDOG, cream & white, very nice! 8 mo. old. Sire On Sight, $3,200, (330)893-9304.
CKC REGISTERED WHITE Shiba Inu, female, born 10/8/17. Second heat around Feb. 9th, $800, (330)893-9304.
TOY FOX TERRIER/Blue Healer Puppies, 4mo. old, very smart, 1-male, 2-females. Looking for good homes, (330)893-3463.
AKC BOXER PUPPIES, 2-females, dark brindle with white markings. Ready to go Dec. 22nd. $675, (330)674-1411.
RED HEELER PUPPIES, vet checked and ready to go Dec. 22nd. Both parents on the farm. Excellent herding ability $200, (330)903-9486.
ACA SHITZU MALE, 3yrs. old, ACA Cavalier male, 6yrs old, Emanuel Keim, (330)674-0621.
4 AKC IRISH Setter females, 6mo. old, Emanuel Keim,
YELLOW LAB RETRIEVERS 2yrs old AKC male and female. Very friendly or proven breeders, Beautiful light cream color. $500. 330-763-0332
LITTER OF STANDARD Poodles, dark red, 4 females and 2 males. Litter of Bernedoodles, 4 females and 1 male. Both litters will be 8 weeks old on 12/19/18. Would make nice Christmas gifts! (330)763-3320.
LOOKING FOR LITTERS of puppies, all breeds, all sizes to place in loving homes. Call us at: (330)466-6178.
BEAGLES, RABBIT/HUNTING dogs, Must sell. Unable to hunt due to health, $300-$600, (330)738-3177.
ACA COCKER SPANIELS. 2-males, 2-females. Ready 12/1/18 3males, 4females ready 12/5/18. Nice Christmas puppies. (330)674-2765
BEAGLE PUPPIES 8WKS old males/females. Good running stock, well marked. $160. (330)279-2477 Randall Miller
3YR. OLD BEABULL female. Great family. Large litters, $150, OBO. 6 yr. old ACA registered Cavalier, female, $100, OBO, (330)600-2999.
Registered Golden Retriever female 1.5year old. $1000. (330)473-3258
GUINEA PIGS FOR sale. Beautiful markings. Excellent Christmas gifts! (330)365-0701.
4MTH OLD AKC Cocker Spaniel male; beautiful party color. (330)600-9913
AT STUD; AKC Golden Retriever. OFA Certified, dark red, 80lbs Benton area. Aaron Miller (330)465-5234
STANDARD POODLE, MULTI-COLORED Proven breeder. Produces large litters, $250/service fee, (330)600-9887.
AT STUD: AKC Brindle Poodle, 25lbs. Females must be brucellosis tested. Pick up available, (330)231-1665.
2-AKC ENGLISH Mastiff females. 1-3yrs old, 1-4yrs old. 1-AKC male 2yrs old. (330)260-5250
AT STUD; MINI-Poodles. Blue Merle Party with 2-blue eyes and imported tri-color. Produces nice mini-Bernidoodles. Also, AKC Sheep dog with 2-blue eyes. (330)600-9383
AT STUD: AKC light red standard poodle male, proven breeder, females must be tested, farmerstown area, $250 (330)401-6809.
AT STUD, AKC Bernese Mountain Dog. OFA certified 110lb, produces large-litters, nice markings. Females must be tested. $450. Missouri bloodlines.(330)401-6809.