AKC DALMATIAN BREED dispersal, One 5 year old female; One 18 month old female; One 4 year old male; Two 8 month old females. $10,000-OBO (330)893-0095.
BREEDING AGE SHI-TZU females. 1 Havanese male. (330)600-9129.
AKC BERNESE MOUNTAIN Dog Puppies 11 weeks old, two males $2,500/each one female $5,500. (330)600-9454.
3 MINI BERNADOODLES. 4mo. old, females. Variety of colors. Good breeding stock, (330)275-5333, Baltic, Ohio.
AKC OLD ENGLISH Sheep Dog Female. 4 years old, two blue eyes (330)600-9904.
1&1/2 yr. old Siberian Husky female. $900, (330)440-5448.
STANDARD WHITE POODLE Male Call or Text (330)473-8536.
FOR SALE 10X24 Insulated Dog Kennel Building with inside wash down. Was started but never completed. $10,000 OBO (330)275-0169.
2 BERNESE MOUNTAIN Dog females, AKC registered. 5mo. old. Good breeding stock, $4,800/each, OBO. 5018 Cutter Road, Apple Creek, OH 44606.
7MO. OLD AKC Blue Merle Frenchie male. $6,000; 2yr. old AKC chocolate and tan dapple Dachshund, male. Proven, 15 lbs. $1,800. 4 AKC Airdale terrior females. Would cross well with Poodles, $2,200, (330)231-0458.
9 WEEKS OLD AKC Mini Poodles, 2 males, 2 females, vet checked, up to date on shots. For more information call Ike Yoder (330)359-0459.
8X12 INSULATED DOG Kennel in good condition. $1,500 (330)439-3053.
BEAUTIFUL AKC REGISTERED Bernese Mountain dog female 1 1/2 year old. (330)275-5834.
3YR. OLD GOLDEN Retriever female. Bred to a red mini poodle. Due at end of April. $13,000 OBO, (330)390-5525.
AKC GERMAN SHEPHERD female 9 months old $3,000 OBO (330)407-4576.
5 MONTHS OLD AKC Bernese Mountain Dogs. 2 females available, $9,000 each or get a discount for both! (330)600-1584.
AKC WELSH CORGI'S, one is 1 1/2 years old, had 1 litter of pups. One is 3 years old, DM. clear tested. Both due to heat in a few weeks. Three 3 month old females. Parents DM. clear. (330)852-1902.
3 YEAR OLD Pomsky female. Never bred, was a family pet $750. (330)231-4094.
BRAND NEW 4 compartment puppy pen on wheels, 6'x24", adjustable height, tender foot w/slide out trays, feeders. $1,850. (330)432-3214.
AKC MINI POODLE male, black & tan. 8.5yrs. old, weighs 7.5 lbs. $5,000, OBO; AKC Yorkie male, 2yrs. old weighs 5lbs. proven, $2,500, (330)275-0702.
3 YEAR OLD tri colored Aussie female. Good mom, big litters, should cycle anytime $5,500. Call (330)231-4094.
7YR. OLD AKC Yellow English Lab male. OFA, certified hips and elbows. Genetically health tested. Produces nice puppies, (330)763-1597.
AKC BLENHEIM CAVALIERS with nice markings. Born 2/13/21. Parents weight 15 & 19 lbs. Females $3,150, males $1,900 (330)231-9998, Farmerstown.
CAVAPOO FEMALES, BORN 2/22/21. Nice red color with white markings. Both parents AKC 13 & 15 lbs. $2,750, (330)231-9998, Farmerstown.
3YR. OLD AKC Merle Mini Poodle male. 17 lbs. Proven breeder. Good natured, $5,500, (330)231-9998, Farmerstown.
2 POODLE MALE Pups, Born 3/1/21. 1 red with tan points, 1 campaign. Out of Blue Merle mom, (330)600-4592.
AKC REGISTERED BERNESE Mountain Dog puppies. 2 females, $5,000/each. 4 males, $2,800/each. Born 3/2/21. Great breeding stock, (330)852-4285.
EZS WHELPERS. KEEP your pups safe, warm and comfy. Solid stainless steel construction. Electric thermostat controlled heat. Only 1.15 amp draw. Sales, Service & Rentals. William Miller, (330)749-6266.
AKC WELSH CORGI Puppies. 2 female, brown and white, $1,500/each, 3 tri-color males/each, $1,400, OBO. Born 2/16/21. 7915 CR201, Fredericksburg.
CANINE OVULATION DETECTOR, like new $225 (330)600-8691.
AKC PORTUGUESE WATER Dog puppies. Born 3/16. 5 females, 2 males. 1 chocolate female $7,000. Black and white females $6,000, males $3,500. Great breeding stock. Steve Miller, 12597 Harrison Rd., Apple Creek, OH 44606.
AKC BERNESE MOUNTAIN dog female, 4 months old $6,750. (330)893-2849.
AT STUD AKC Bernese Mountain Dog Worrior, 115lb. OFA and genetic clear. Missouri blood lines. Females must be tested. $1,050, (330)401-6809.
AT STUD AKC Bernese Mountain Dog, Whispering Pines Jasper, 130 lbs. Nice markings. Genetic tested and DM clear. Service fee $650. Females must be brucellosis tested, (330)600-2647.
FOR SALE: 5 week old bunny. Beautiful gray with silver tips. Rare color. Buck, $20, (330)698-4702.
5YR. OLD ROTTWEILER female, $1,200, (330)473-8499.
AKC PLATINUM FLUFFY Carrier French Bulldog male, 1 year old (330)231-1625.
WASH DOWN FOR kennel 47”x229” (330)231-1625.
HAVE AN UNEXPECTED litter of puppies? We take in, pay cash for, and find homes for all puppies all sizes and age. Must be healthy and vaccinated! Call us today 330-934-3041
AKC PORTUGUESE WATER dog puppies. Born 3/17/21. Females, $5,000, males, $4,000. Black and black and white mix, (330)600-5520.
AKC 4 YEAR old female Husky, due between 4/17-4/24, $6,000. AKC 3 year old female Husky, should come into cycle $4,000. (330)988-0343.
RED HEELER JACK Russell cross puppies. 5 months old. Good farm dogs, $350 each, (330)600-5796.
TRI-COLOR MINI Bernadoodles females for sale. Born 1/27/21. Beautiful markings, $3,400, (234)301-7671.
AKC BERNESE MOUNTAIN Dog. Stud Service. Weight 100 lbs. Proven, nice markings. Genetic clear and OFA certified. Females must be brucellosis tested. $800. Fredericksburg, William Miller, (330)749-6266.
5 BERNESE MOUNTAIN Dog females, $5,000 each, (330)275-2353.
Border Collie Mix Puppies. Born February 28th. $500, OBO. Eli Stutzman, 17048 Western Road, Navarre, OH 44662.
2 RED MINI Poodle females. Born 1/7/21. Very cute! No papers, $2,200. Jerry Troyer, 8408 South Applecreek Road, Fredericksburg, OH 44627.
BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG Female 5 years old, $4,500-OBO. (330)600-8691.
2 MINI AUSSIE Doodle Females. 2 years old with 3 week old puppies. Puppies are black tri-chocolate colored. $8,500-OBO for package. Call:(330)893-0521.
9 MONTH OLD Red Mini Golden Doodle Female $8,000. (330)893-0521.
ROTTWEILER STUD SERVICE: AKC registered imported male. $695 fee. Menno 3929 Fahrni Road, Dalton, OH 44618.
AT STUD ISABELLA Merle French Bulldog. Proven genetic health clear. Imported from the UK. One of the very few in the USA with this color genetic, (330)473-8311.
TWO 3MO. OLD AKC registered Old English Sheepdog females. $5,500/each, (330)275-2058.
1&1/2 YR. OLD AKC registered Dalmatian female, $3,000, (330)275-2058.
SHIH-TZU SELL OUT: three ACA 2 year old females $1,200 each. One ACA 2 year old female bred to Bichon male $2,500 (330)275-9256.
TWO AKC BERNESE Mountain Dog Females. 3-1/2 Months old. Nice Markings. Package Deal $13,000 OBO. Must Sell. 330-954-3747.
WANTED: AKC BICHON Stud service. 330-600-1428.
ONE AKC 4 year old Bichon male, small, proven $1,800. One AKC 9 month old Bichon male, small $1,200. (330)988-8665.
13 WEEK OLD Mini Goldendoodle, F1B. 4 females, 5 males. D.O.B: 1-4-21. Call or text, (330)473-2865.
7 WEEK OLD AKC Registered Red Standard Poodle puppies. Great breeding stock. Friendly mom. 2 females, 2 males, (330)359-0498.
THREE MINI POODLE Female Puppies. 2 Black & 1 Red. Mother is 10lbs & father is 13lbs. Updated on shots. Ready week of April 26th. (330)852-8511 Leave Voicemail. OR Text @(330)987-5879.
FOR SALE: 8X14 dog kennel. 2 pens and 2 8ft. runs. Real good condition, (330)231-3913.
3 AKC BERNESE females. Ready 3/29/21. Excellent breeding stock. Stocky build. Import Sire Vanya (Russia), $7,000, (330)749-9781.
At Stud: 2 AKC Cavalier males. 1 golden blenheim, 1 tri. Both smaller heads and nice markings. Pick-up and delivery available, (330)641-2080.
NAPR REGISTERED 3 Year Old Brown Golden Retriever Female. Good Mom. Due to cycle this week. $9,500. (330)275-9062.
Boxer female for sale. One year old. Should come in heat soon. AKC registered, $1,800. Call Dave, (330)275-4018
5 YEAR OLD AKC tri-colored cavalier male. Proven breeder. Call: (330)231-9802.
AT STUD ACA Blue Merle Mini Poodle, $450, (330)893-2050.
5YR AKC GOLDEN Retriever female $1,200. 3YR Shorkie female $350. Toy Fox Terrier female $650. 10wk old Yorkie male $950. (330)897-6602.
AKC FRENCH BULLDOG females. 2&1/2-5 years old. 1 white and 2 fawn with white. (330)600-4592.
AKC REGISTERED BERNESE Mountain Dog Female for sale. 3 and 1/2 Years Old, DM/VW Clear. Bred to Hemi of High Country. Vet checked, due 04/25/21. $18,500. Call: (330)231-5868.
7YR 48" PAINT-HACKNEY pony gelding, broke to ride & drive. Not for beginners $1,800. (330)897-6602.
GERMAN SHEPHERD MALE, 7yrs. old. Proven breeder. Also, 18 mo. old Irish Setter, female. Should cycle soon. Call: (330)473-8111.
AKC GOLDEN RETIRVER puppies, mom dark red, dad medium red. 5 females $2,800, 3 males $2,000. Blocky, good breeding stock. Also, red mini Golden Doodle females. Will mature about 20lbs $3,000 each. Serious inquiries only. (330)439-9459.
4YR. OLD AKC Bernese Mountain dog, female. AKC registered. Just starting to cycle, (330)473-9160.
3YR. OLD RED Shiba female. Also, black Shiba male. ACA registered. $1,300 for both. 5540 South Carr Rd. Apple Creek, OH 44606. (330)465-0790.
2 YEAR OLD Mountain Cure female, bred to a Plott Hound $1,200. (330)275-0347.
ONE 1 1/2 YEAR OLD and one 3 1/2 year old, tri-colored Mini Australian Shepherd females $3,400 a piece or both for $6,000. (330)205-8024.
AKC BERNESE MOUNTAIN Dog Puppies. Males & Females. Both parents are genetic tested clear for DM &VWD1. $2,000-$5,200. (330)407-9843.
ENGLISH SPRINGER SPANIEL Puppy. Very Friendly would make a great pet! 13 weeks old. $900 OBO. (330)473-5442.
5YR OLD HAVANESE female with 3 - two week old Havapoo puppies. Good mom. (330)473-2665.
AKC BOXER FEMALE puppies. Brindle and Fawn. Nine weeks old. $2,000. (330)893-0004.
BERNESE MOUNTAIN DOG puppies. Excellent breeding stock. 5 females, 4 males to choose from. Females, $5,500, males, $2,000, (330)663-6391.
AKC BERNESE FEMALES, 10 weeks old. Both parents are OFA certified, nice markings, high quality breeding stock!! $5,500 each, (330)893-1916.
BEAGLES FOR SALE. 2yr. old Beagle female, good mom. 10mo. old Beagle male, started on rabbits. Nice markings. James Wengerd, (330)575-6117.
RED LABRADOODLE PUPS. 2 males $500/each, 2 females $700/each, OBO. Born 10/31/20, 12858 Millersburg Rd. Danville, OH 43014.
13 WEEK OLD Mini Sheepadoodle female. Also, 4 Mini Goldendoodle females D.O.B. 3/9/21. Good breeding stock. (330)695-2191.
OHIO PUPS-4-YOU Let us Advertise Your Puppies! Pictures, Phone Calls, Help with payments. $100 Pre- Puppy (330)600-4066.
AKC YELLOW LAB male, 7 yrs. old. Proven breeder. Produces large litters, $450, (330)698-0591.
5 MONTH OLD female, AKC German Rottweiler, vet checked, $2,850, (234)301-7451.
MALTESE FEMALE 2 years old, ACA $1,000 OBO, 330-407-4576.
4 YEAR OLD Golden Retriever female, AKC registered, due in about a month $17,500 OBO. (330)600-0822.
4 MONTH OLD Mini Poodle, male. Carries the tri-colored gene tan points and not dominate black. DNA tested. Registered, $8,500, (330)359-1127, (330)359-5683.
STUD SERVICE: 10LB. Red & white Parti Poodle. Perfect for Cavapoo's $400, (330)600-7017.
WANTED BIG DOODLE female. 9-24 months; for pet only. 386-562-5325 or (330)473-0660.
3/4 POODLE, 1/4 Bichon, black & white, female. DOB: 10/3/20; Toy Poodle black & white spot on chest, male, DOB: 10/7/20. $2,500 choice. Call Ruth (330)473-0660.
WANTED SMALL BREED puppies 973-477-5165.
DOG KENNEL 8'X10', $200.00; Large dog box, $80.00. Dog carrier, $45; 25 sections steel pipe 2-1/2"X15', $150.00. Call: (740)507-5809.
6MO. OLD BERNESE Mountain Dog female. AKC registered, $15,000, OBO. Call: (330)275-7590 after 4:00PM or anytime on the weekends.
6 MONTH OLD standard Golden Doodle female, good breeding stock $5,500 OBO (330)600-0450.