70 TON OF corn silage from silo bag. From year 2017. Call: (330)464-6600.
1ST CUTTING TIMOTHY small square bales. Top quality no rain no dust. (740)502-2203
FIRST CUTTING HAY. 50% alfalfa 50% Timothy. Large square bales. $2.60/ton. (330)600-1519
COMING 7YR. OLD Standardbred Gelding, T.S.S., $3,400, OBO, (330)231-8672.
11YR. OLD GELDING for sale. Mr. Lavec trotter, T.S.S., drives with tight lines, $2,500. Andrew Stutzman, 4319 CR160, Millersburg.
6YR. OLD BLACK Percheron Gelding. Kid broke, sound, 16.3H. Good farm horse, $5,200. Andrew Stutzman, 4319 CR160, Millersburg.
5010 JD TRACTOR with cab, brush hog. $9,500. (234)650-4248.
FOR SALE: NEW Holland Tractor. Make 1520. Also, 15-ton wood splitter, leave message, (330)465-6447.
3YR. OLD RED Sorrel, 16H, very good disposition, partly trained, $550, (330)401-6154, (330)806-4213.
1ST & 3RD CUTTING Hay For Sale. Call: Paul Snyder (330)897-7761.
1ST CUTTING ORCHARD grass/alfalfa mixed hay for horses, small squares, no rain, no mold, no dust. call (330)893-0429.
2ND CUTTING PURE alfalfa hay. (330)893-0429
CERTIFIED ORGANIC BALEAGE, conventional baleage, dry conventional round bales, tests for all baleage, (330)204-4055 or (330)852-0809.
NON-GMO SHELLED corn & ear corn. Bulk. $140/ton. Beach City. (330)401-6761
FREEZER BEEF, RAISED locally by the Steiner Family, no added hormones, order 1/4, 1/2 or whole. Call: (330)473-2976.
FARMALL M, NEW rubber, power steering. Many new parts, $2,900, (330)897-1362.
CHOPPED WHEAT STRAW, small squares, clean. (330)893-0429.
CHOPPED RYE STRAW small squares. $240/ton. Load size 1.5 tons and up. Tight easy spreading bales. (740)-502-6522 Heath Deibel
1ST CUTTING ORCHARD Grass, Timothy Hay, net wrapped, stored inside, 2nd cutting also available, (740)502-1051.
NICE 4X5 NET Wrapped, Round Bales of Hay. Stored inside. Call: (330)275-0880.
CERTIFIED ORGANIC DRY cow hay. Also, dairy quality baleage, 125-195 RFQ. Free delivery on 12 bales or more. (330)231-0610.
1ST AND 2ND cut orchard grass. Timothy and clover hay. Round and square bales. (740)824-3621
1ST, 2ND & 3RD cutting 4x4 round bales. Some alfalfa mix. Stored inside. Delivery available, (330)231-3265.
YOUR HORSE NOT performing? Try our 13% Hi oats horse feed. Trail Livestock Supplies (330)893-3723
1ST CUTTING ALFALFA mixed hay, 2nd & 3rd cutting Alfalfa mixed hay, 2nd & 3rd cutting Orchard Grass hay. Small squares, no rain, no dust. Good color. Excellent horse hay! Free delivery, (740)294-9370.
BARLEY, MUST TAKE 200 bushel at $5.50 per bushel delivered. Chopped Wheat Straw. Will haul 3 or 4 ton loads, (567)278-5148.