13 YR. OLD Standardbred Gelding. T.S.S., Good horse if used regularly, $3,200, (330)674-2784.
FOR SALE: LARGE round 2nd cutting hay. $40ea. (330)473-2064.
2 YEAR OLD Percheron Brabaut and quarter horse cross. Several mares and geldings available in blue roan and red roan. Monroe Yoder, 7434 Harrison Road, Fredericksburg, OH.
2 YEAR OLD blue roan Stallion, sire is Percheron X Brabaut and dam is quater horse. Monroe Yoder, 7434 Harrison Road, Fredericksburg, OH.
TEAM OF 2 year old smaller stocky Belgian mares $4,500 each. Monroe Yoder, 7434 Harrison Road, Fredericksburg, OH.
BROILERS AND PULLETS for sale. 10 weeks old. Andy Miller 7710 Buss Road Apple Creek (330)231-9572.
3RD CUTTING ORCHARD Grass Timothy Hay. High Quality, soft & green. $8/each- delivery available. (330)749-6015.
MEDIUM SIZE PONY cart, fenders light, basket, mud flap, like new $1,000. Also medium size pony harness $200. (330)275-0059.
BOVAN BROWN PULLETS, same as Golden Buff. Available October 4th, $12 each. (330)407-6034.
4 YEAR OLD Forrel Mini Pony Mare, kid broke to ride and drive, $1,000 (330)857-0340.
6 YEAR OLD Percheron mare, service fee paid for next spring to a Blue Roan Stallion. 3 & 4 year old Percheron geldings, broke with long tails. (330)600-8826.
3 YEAR OLD Mare, Buggy broke, willing traveler, tracks nice, TSS, $5,600 Marlin Miller 330-600-0451
10 YEARLING DORSETS, youth, kuhn stock, all are open, $425 each OBO 330-600-5949
7 YEAR OLD gelding, mostly trot, T.S.S., broke for anyone, 16 hands $4,000. (330)275-0287.
4 BOARD CROSS Nannies, exposed to registered spotted Billy, $350 each. 330-852-2826
16 WEEK OLD free range pullets. Golden Comet and some other breeds. $8.50/each, (330)893-3148.
FOR SALE: WHITE Crestant Black Bandy Polish, $40 a trio. Lavander Orbingtons, $20 a pair. 14 weeks old, New Zealand rabbits, $8ea. Neatherland Dwarf Rabbits. Red Does, $15ea. Bucks, $10ea. (740)415-5530.
BRED PYGMY NANNY $140, (330)473-9260.
TAKING ORDERS FOR Golden Comet Pullets. Ready first part of November, $9.50ea. 10878 TR 526 Shreve, OH. (330)600-8131.
RED SHOULDERED YOKAHAMA Chicks hatched June 21, show breed, $12 each. Modeled Cochin Chicks hatched June 21, very colorful, $10 each. 330-852-2826
1 PAIR WHITE Silkies, also 1 trio of White Silkies. $20 each. 330-852-2826
PYGMY GOAT NANNYS, $150ea. Adam Troyer, 2840 Harrison Road Fredericksburg, Oh.
TWO 36" WEANLING Palomino stud colts. One mini spotted donkey jack, $800ea OBO. (330)601-2572.
6 YR. OLD Standardbred Mare. Sound. Most women can drive. Moon eyed, $2,500, OBO. Jacob Miller, 7790 S. Kansas Rd, Applecreek, OH 44606.
11 YEAR OLD black and white pony stud, broke, 38". Yearling, black and white pony stud. 40", quiet and gentle. 4 year old grey mare, broke, 38". (330)473-0512.
2 BALE HAY Feeder, 7'X14', made by Trail Farm Supply. Good condition. 1 bale hay feeder made by Steinway Equipment, (330)893-0174.
12 YEAR OLD blue Roan quarter horse mare with broke and ridden as a 2 and 3 year old, but was not since then. Would make a nice brood mare $2,300, (330)600-8858.
12 YEAR OLD gaited gelding pony. 54” tall and broke to trail ride. Price is $3,800. Call or text 330-204-6089.
FOR SALE: 6 registered Katahdin Ewes. Between 3-5 years old. Call for pricing and more information, (740)616-0294.
GOLDEN COMET PULLETS: Ready last of October, $12.50ea. Aden Yoder, Charm, (330)893-3701.
4X4 ROUND BALES, 1st and 2nd cutting. Delivery available, (330)401-7891.
CERTIFIED ORGANIC EAR Corn. For sale out of field, (330)674-1539.
9 YEAR OLD Standard bred Gelding. Black with two white socks. Double gated, TSS, $6,200. (330)674-1539.
DAIRY GOAT BILLY, born this spring. $350. (330)698-1778.
NEW BORN CALVES. Jersey Angus cross, bulls and heifers. (330)695-2506.
7 YEAR OLD Black Gelding 15.3 hands. Good broke Standard bred, TSS, ready for miles, mostly trot. $6,000. Eli D. Miller (330)852-0772.
AT STUD: TRI-COLORED Mini Poodle male (proven). Color tested At/At Double Parti. Throws perfect marked Bernedoodles. Free pickup and delivery, and Progesterone testing included. Brucellosis testing also available. Call for more info. Mike Shetler 330-521-8365.
REGISTERED BLACK FRESIAN Standard bred mare. 3 years old. Sire is Michaelangelo P, Dam is USTA. Good broke, call for more information, (330)204-6132.
10 YEARLING DORSET Ewes. Kuhns stock. All are open. $425, OBO, (330)600-5949.
3 PULLING BRED Weanling Stud Colts. Sire Hershy Rocks Bill. 1 Eligible to register, red sorrel. Make offer. Emanuel Yoder, 10565 Saltcreek Road, Fredericksburg, OH 44627.
NON-GMO EAR Corn, $160 a ton. 3rd cut Alf Alfa small squares. Delivery available, Beach City, (330)401-6761.
3 YEAR OLD Pygmy nanny with 2 month old nanny kid. $200ea or $375 for both. (330)893-1915.
TRIO WHITE EMBDEN Geese $100. Pair Buff Call Ducks $50, (330)473-7572.
NEW ROUND PEN for horses. Twelve 12ft. panels plus 4ft. walk-through gate, $1,875. Delivery available, (330)275-5458.
DEER CORN BY the bag. Call or text (330)600-4152. 3594 SR 557, Baltic, OH 43804.
L2250 KUBOTA COMPACT tractor, 4WD, with loader. 3100 hours, $8,900; 5ft. Woods tiller, 3pt. hitch, $1,900, (330)275-4312.
3 MINIATURE DONKEY Jennys $1,500 each or all 3 for $4,000. (330)988-4901.
FOR SALE: NEW Kennebec Potatoes. Eli Hershberger, (330)473-8850.
YEARLING PERCHERON STANDARDBRED colt, bay with a star. Quiet and well mannered, broke to lead $1,900 OBO. (330)674-9451.
AQHA 3 YEAR old Red Dun Philly, untrained. $3,200; AQHA weanling Palomino Philly, $1,800; 3 year old Red Roan Philly, broke, excellent trail horse. $1,500. Tim Hershberger, (330)893-0171.
FREEZER BEEF, RAISED locally by The Steiner family. No added hormones. 1/4, 1/2 or whole. Call (330)473-2976
NON GMO EAR corn by the ton or bag. Larry Hochstetler 5515 Buss Road, Apple Creek, OH 44606.
EDGE POST HOLE Drill attachment for uni-loader. Hydraulic drive, like new, (740)610-5574.
5 YEAR OLD Persian Standard bred Gelding. TSS, women can drive, $4,000 OBO. (740)552-9552.
JD 5325 67HP, 3630 hours. 4x4, 2 remote, 12x12 power reverser. 540, 540E, like new firestone radials. Excellect. $21,900. (330)473-5642.
BLACK MORGAN MARE, 15.1 H. TSS, safe, solid, Anybody can drive, 11 yrs old. In foal. (330)600-2571.
8 YEAR OLD Paint mare. 36", kid broke to ride and drive. $1,600. (330)359-1902.
12YR. OLD JAIL House Jesse Gelding. All trot. Been in our buggy the last two years. Hard copy papers, (330)473-9639.
FOR SALE 11 year old Standardbred Gelding. TSS, safe for women to drive, stands 16 hands, $3,800. Leroy Mast, 12973 Cunningham Road, Apple Creek. 330-857-0170
2015 5045E JOHN Deer tractor. 2WD, 700 hrs. New rear tires. Nice tractor. $16,500, OBO. (330)260-3009.
4 YEAR OLD red sorrel Belgian mare. Sire: Ar-d-be-king rocky. Well broke $6,700, OBO. (330)260-3009
CLEANED CEREAL RYE seed for sale, bulk totes, certified organic and conventional, delivery available. $.25/lb. Trent Troyer 330 317 0165
FOR SALE: GRASS fed Black Angus Beef. 1,000-1,200 lbs. Call for more details, (330)260-3252.
FOR SALE: BELGIAN Gelding, 15 year old. Broke the best, $3,200. (330)893-7611.
2020 RK37 TRACTOR with backhoe, tiller, front end loader, shuttle shift. Low hours. Great condition! Call or text (330)275-2722.
7 MO. OLD Chestnut Colt. Should finish at 55". Blaze face, halter broke. $500, (740)824-4479.
BABY PYGMY BILLY for sale. Beautiful light grey $125. 3 black Baby Pygmy Nannies for sale $100 each. Call Katie 330-231-5343.
ALFALFA GRASS MIX, nice hay, small square bales $320/ton. Round bales $290/ton 330-341-0726.
POST HOLE DIGGER with 12" auger, 3pt. (gear box needs seal) $350, (330)722-8723.
BOX BLADE SCRAPER, adjustable ripper shanks, 6ft. 3pt. Excellent condition, $450, (330)722-8723.
PYGMY BILLY, 3MO. old, $100, (330)600-5399.
ANGUS BEEF BORN & raised on our farm, Organic, Grass-fed, butchering available. Call to schedule: (330)231-2176. $2.25/lb hanging weight.
7YR. OLD DARK Bay Standardbred Gelding. Not 100% traffic safe, $3,500. Andy E. Zook, 4350 Deerfield Ave. S. Dalton, OH 44618.
FELL & MORGAN CROSS, yearling and weanling. Full sisters, black with little a bit of white on the feet. (740)294-7706.
FIRST CUTTING MIXED Hay $200, free delivery. (330)897-5831
2YR. OLD BLACK Percheron Mare. Broke. Leon Weaver, 8141 Weaver Rd. Fredericksburg, OH 44627.
12 YEAR OLD Cincinnati kid trotter, Gelding. Personal surrey horse for 4 years. $2,500. (330)763-0332.
10 YEAR OLD black mare, 40". Kid broke to ride and drive, Aden Yoder, (330)674-1860.
CERTIFIED ORGANIC CLEAN Rye Straw. Also, organic Rye Seed. Delivery possible. Call Abraham (330)231-0610.
FOR SALE: RABBITS, assorted ages and colors. Call for pricing and more information, (419)606-4393.
8YR. OLD BAY Morgan, Standardbred Gelding, 15H. 2 white feet, classy sound trotter. Will speed up some from loud behind traffic but safe, $4,500, (330)852-0055.
6YR. OLD BAY, 15.3H Standardbred Gelding, T.S.S., good family horse. Women can drive, $4,500, (330)695-9805.
1 1/2 YEAR OLD brown pony stud with white mane and tail, broke to lead, should mature around 42 inches, $600. (330)600-9545.
7 YEAR OLD Palomino pony mare, broke to ride and drive, stands 42 inches, $1,500. (330)600-9545.
4 YEAR OLD 50" Paint Gelding, good school pony. TSS, broke to ride and drive. (330)852-1050.
15YR OLD PERCHERON mare broke to all farm machinery, willing worker $2,100. Yearling Belgian stud broke to lead. 10 yr old 45" black pony, brood mare not sound. 7yr old 38" black pony mare, very safe and gentle, broke to ride and drive. $1,500. 7yr old 35" Brown and white mare, calm and is broke to drive but hasn't been hitched for a while $1,200. (330)473-7273.
ONE PIECE BREAST harness in very good condition. Extra set of new pads included, $300 OBO. Fredericksburg, (330)705-0022.
PYGMY BILLY GOAT for sale. 2 and a half months old, has qualifications for flock sire. $175. (330)893-2270.
FOR SALE: 3 point hitch tiller, 6’ reverse tine, Model RTNR72 Bush Hog brand. $1,900. Mt Hope area. (330)231-1965.
JOHN DEERE GRAIN Drill #8250, $600. One row New Idea Corn Picker # 310, $400. John Deere 4 Row corn planter #494, $400. Equipment in good condition, stored inside. (330)608-5347.
JERSEY FAMILY COW, easy milker. Also, a 1 year old heifer. Call for price (330)897-0177.
FOR SALE: GOLDEN Comet Pullets. 18 weeks, $10ea. Ivan Yoder, (740)622-0745.
FOR SALE OR Trade: Katahdin Rams, 2 and a half years old. One born in February. $225 each, located between Trail and Dundee, call (330)852-3163.
YANMAR 15HP DIESEL tractor with like new 42 inch brush hog. (330)231-1593.
2YR. OLD PYGMY goats for sale. 1 Billy & 1 Nanny, (330)260-5109.
WEANLING BLACK PHILLY, 3/4 Friesian, 1/4 Standardbred. $2,750. Full sister sold for $3,500 at Mid Ohio. (330)231-9486.
FOR SALE: 8 year old, 34" brown mare pony, well broke. $1,200. 8 year old Bay mare, 30". Well broke to ride, $1,000. 3 year old sorrow gelding, 42". Very gentle, $1,000. (330)893-2892.
12 MONTH OLD Dorset Buck for sale. Ready for breeding $500. (330)231-9728.
DORSET EWE LAMB for sale $225. (330)317-3177.
FOR SALE BLACK friesan x std filly sired by Erigon a Julius son and out of a Full Count trotting mare. (330)317-3177.