What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of life?

Say what? The meaning of life? You can’t write an article about the meaning of life. Humans have been trying to find the answer to that questions since Adam was created. You can’t tell me you have the answer to the question.

No, I don’t, at least not for every person who was, is or has yet to be born. Ask a thousand people, you’ll get a thousand answers or a very strange look on their face. Life is. From the moment you are conceived (note) to the day you die, life is.

Recently, my youngest daughter and her husband met some friends at Cedar Point for a day of fun. You know that place. Eat, ride, bathroom, throw up, repeat. As she was telling us about their adventures, it occurred to me as to where we are in life.

You remember that clickety clack of the roller coaster as you climb that monstrous hill, the anticipation of the very moment you crest that highest peak and the feeling of exhilaration (or fear) as you descend very rapidly?

I thought that was what retirement was going to be like. Well, I’m done working, so it’s all downhill from here. We retired, so we can do whatever we want. Life’s struggles are over.

Wrong answer.

Did I tell you we’re moving? Since I retired and sold our farm and bought a home in Kentucky, life is. No, the ride doesn’t end at the bottom of that big hill. In fact, in most cases there are more hills to climb. Most people in their lifetime will move several times. This is my first major move, and I’m 64.

We sometimes take life for granted. We forget how much is involved in life. You know what’s involved with an undertaking like this (insert laugh). We’re gonna have a new house, church, grocery store, restaurants, friends (keeping my old ones), climate, doctor, dentist, eye specialist, veterinarian, banker, language.

Yes, I said language. You know the people down here talk funny. Let me tell you. “Where ya from? You say yur from Ohia?” No, I’m not making fun. Couple days down here, I’ll be talkin’ just like ‘em.

Making changes in the daily routine stuff — You mean I gotta pay for water (we had a well at the farm)? Electric company, garbage disposal, sewer cleaning, heat (we had free gas) with propane. Legal stuff like insurance, taxes (all of them), licenses, voting registration and the list goes on (and on).

Moving itself is life changing: getting rid of the boxes of “stuff that’s gonna come in handy some day.” “What are you gonna do with that?” “What do ya mean I gotta pitch it?”

Saying goodbye to close friends and neighbors was hard, even though social media has taken some of the sting out of that. Memories of good times spent in Millersburg and the wonderful people of Holmes County.

Life is change. One change I know we’re going to enjoy is finding new adventures: the adventure of tracking new grounds, new hunting spots, new fishing holes, enjoying our new Kawasaki Mule on the trails or making new ones. We’re only a few miles from Grayson Lake State Park, which I know will be a frequent adventure.

Life is challenges. We are moving to a new house. Making it into a new home is the challenge. The difference? A house is made of wood, brick, nails, glass, concrete, steel. A home is where you laugh, cry, hug, love and pray. A home is where God is invited to dwell and keep watch over your family.

They say that “home is where the heart is,” and if that’s true, I say, “Welcome home.”

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