Insights on interview preparedness

Insights on interview preparedness

In your search for that perfect job opportunity, it pays to be prepared. Even though we live in an immediate-gratification world, a little time and care to details can go a long way with a potential new employer.

First things first: Do some research on the employer you’re interested in. Make a list of specific questions that pertain to that employer. Many times an interview will start with “tell me what you know about what we do here.” You want to appear knowledgeable and dedicated enough to have researched this answer.

Dress to impress. Always consider your audience and the culture of the workplace when deciding what to wear for your interview. A clean, pressed, well-kept appearance and hair never go out of style. It may be appropriate to wear jeans and a polo shirt to a manufacturing position, other times not. Do your research and always err on the side of overdressed if unsure.

Bring your resume. Even if you got the interview from submitting a resume online, bring your resume anyway. In fact bring a couple copies. This way you have extra if you are meeting with more than one person. The potential employer also may require you to complete an application when you arrive. Complete the application and still offer your resume. It shows you came prepared.

Key point: Always make sure your application matches your resume. If it doesn’t match, this could lead to uncomfortable questions if you left out, for example, an employer on one or the other. Make sure your resume is symmetrical to look at and concise with the details such as work history, accomplishments and education.

Meet and greet: Always stand up and introduce yourself to the person interviewing you. Be prepared to give a firm handshake. This may be an old tactic, but it still impresses potential employers and it shows self-confidence.

Soft skills count. Be prepared to present yourself, your work ethics, commitment and loyalty to your potential new employer, in addition to the facts on your resume. They want to hear you received an attendance award at your last job. They want to hear you believe in dedication and want to commit to longevity. Put special emphasis on communication and being a team player. These pieces of information can be exactly what it takes to tip the scale in your favor when the employer is choosing between applicants.

Thank you: Last but certainly not least, thank your interviewer for their time. It also is appropriate to call them within a few days to again thank them for their time and ask about the status of the position you interviewed for.

These tips are sure to make a memorable impression on a potential employer.

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