Do you think of yourself as a creator or a consumer?

Do you think of yourself as a creator or a consumer?

Do you think of yourself as a creator or a consumer? Have you stopped to think about it? What is the best use of your time?

Our world has a tremendous bounty of things to consume today. We have lots of things to buy, to eat, to watch, to play, to read. Entertainment abounds. We can listen to books, podcasts and music continuously. We can watch endless hours of television, movies and YouTube.

But when you get to the end of your life, will you look back fondly at all the television you watched or the games you played? Maybe so. Maybe not.

What could you learn or create instead of bingeing your most recent favorite show?

Maybe you could find a new recipe to try. Do you make your own bread or buy it? Try something simple and work your way into more varieties like rye, pumpernickel or sourdough. Tortillas anyone? I’m still looking for time to perfect my own tortillas and tortilla chips.

If you have skills in decorating, how do you put those to use? What project do you hope to tackle next?

Can you quilt, crochet or knit? What do you plan to make next? Have you tried different materials? Wool instead of synthetic, maybe? Do you use established quilt patterns or have you created some of your own? Do you buy material specifically for a quilt or do you keep pieces from other projects or clothing to work into the mix?

Do you like to write? Do you journal regularly or occasionally? Have you tried your hand at short stories or epic fantasy? Maybe science fiction or cozy mystery are more your style. Have you written down family stories for your children?

Perhaps you excel at organizing and creating systems. Consider designing a process that makes everyday chores more efficient. What about a grazing system that puts the pasture area to better use? Maybe you can figure out a way for things to flow into their proper places in your home instead of getting stuck on the closest surface.

Have you learned to play an instrument? Could you write your own music? Do you sing? Do you make up lyrics?

Do you paint or take great photos? What do you do with those creations? Could they surround you or your friends with beauty?

If you need a shelf, do you look for one online or shop for lumber?

Creativity can manifest itself in a huge variety of ways. Don’t limit yourself to the way everyone does a thing or the way you have always done it. Use your mind and talent to make something new or do something in a unique way.

Take care to avoid researching an activity to the exclusion of actually trying it. Great resources abound. Use them to start learning but make sure you put the education to use. Otherwise, you are still just consuming.

You have a unique set of skills, talents and experiences. Put them to use to improve your life and that of those around you.

What is the world waiting for that only you can create?

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