Realize your moments

Realize your moments

Six bales in place. Five to go.Watch out, the water is about to spill over the top of the tub.Push another block under the hay ring.

Wait, stop and watch the calves. They love to play chase just before dark.

As my son and I hurried to get things done around the farm earlier this week, I noticed a particularly beautiful sky over our pond. We leaned our backs against the hay bales we had so laboriously been pushing and appreciated the view.

I often move through morning farm chores quickly so that I can get on to the other things on my to do list. Why, I’m not exactly sure.My farm chores are among the fun things in my day.Laundry, not so much.

This morning I took a moment to watch the ducks splash out onto the pond after being released from their overnight quarters.The water is such a joy to them. They swim out in a big flotilla and make patterns all over the calm surface.

As I was making lunch, I looked out to see our orange cat contentedly bunched up in the corner of the top rail of our deck.I took a picture and then went to get him.Our puppy can be rather zealous and the drop to the ground is a big one.

That same puppy spins in a special dance when my husband gets home each night. She knows she isn’t allowed to jump on him. And, we make her sit before we pet her because manners in a big dog matter, but it’s uplifting to see such exuberant joy.

Did you notice any special moments today?

Busyness and ever-present screens can keep us from truly seeing what’s right in front of us.

Have you noticed a sunrise or sunset?Seen a rainbow?Smelled rain on the air?Walked in the cool hours of the morning? Kayaked across a tranquil lake?

If you have little ones in the house, have you noticed their unique way of saying things as they experience the world?Do you drink in that special smile they reserve just for you?

I know it can be hard when they’re little.There are endless things to do and you may be seriously sleep deprived.My oldest particularly saw very little reason that either of us needed sleep or naps.

Make some notes.Take some pictures.If you can’t fully appreciate the moments now, you will be glad you preserved them to savor later.

Have you noticed lately what you are eating?So often we just hurry through a meal or grab something on the run without actually appreciating the abundance or flavor of the food.Take time to enjoy the taste of the fresh cucumber or tomato from your garden.Be thankful for the abundance and forget for a bit the stress of needing to preserve a bushel of them.

Life has lots of stress, confusion, activity, and time crunches, but don’t let those things steal your moments.Make it a priority to realize your moments. Kids and puppies won’t stay little for long.Most garden-fresh vegetables won’t survive the first frost. The weather will change.Your schedule will shift. Enjoy special moments today and every day.

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