Dusting is an endless chore

Dusting is an endless chore

One of the chores I particularly dislike is dusting. No matter how well you do that chore, within a few days you have to do it again.

Recently, I read an article that explains a lot of dust in our houses comes from us in the form of dry skin flakes. That was rather disconcerting, not to mention gross. Going by the amount of dust that gathers on the flat surfaces in our house, we humans shed a lot of skin. By the amount and frequency of the dust that accumulates in our house, it’s a wonder we all aren’t just walking skeletons.

A few days ago, I noticed our Venetian blinds were in great need of a good dusting. Those things are a pain, along with our ceiling fans. Using our dust mop, I wiped down the Venetian blinds. Not a great job, but it will do. Next, I used that mop to clean off the ceiling fan blades. That mop cleaned those blades of every speck of dust.

Taller Half heard my cries of fury as that dust fell and covered me and all the furniture I had just cleaned. He wisely grabbed that duster before I could do even more damage. He then got the vacuum extension and cleaned up the storm I had created. Smart man, and as a reward for his quick thinking, I granted him the privilege of finishing the remaining dusting chores.

With Taller Half’s assistance, the job was finished, but as expected, in a couple of days, it was back. As a direct result of that experience, I have decided I shall dust only when company is expected and just let it accumulate until or unless it really starts to irritate me. Taller Half has agreed and will vacuum with the same ideas.

Our house won’t mind a bit of dust, and our dogs certainly don’t care. Actually, both dogs hate the vacuum cleaner, and they certainly have never cared about dusty furniture. I also suspect any company that visits us never notices whether or not there is dust on
our blinds or ceiling fan blades. Have you ever noticed such things while visiting family or friends?

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