For February, this ain't bad

For February, this ain't bad

Recently, the temperature got up to the mid-60s — in February.

Did Mother Nature forget what month it is? I am not complaining — trust me. That temp in February is a gift. According to the local weather folks, those lovely temperatures won’t be every day, but temps in the mid- to upper-40s, even into the 50s, will last at least another week with the possibility of another day in the 60s. I know global warming is not a good thing for our planet, but for our location, it ain’t bad.

Of course, today our car’s windshield had a coating of ice clinging to it. Evidently, during the night the temps dropped and a bit of graupel fell. But for at least the morning hours, the sun was shining. Seeing blue sky and bright sun always improves my mood.

I have even seen some tiny, little, green shoots at the base of several of the plants in our gardens. Being a worrier by nature, will the temps below freezing expected later on this week kill those poor, little shoots? Just in case, I plan to cover anything green in our gardens with piles of mulch — except, of course, the weeds. Those things seem to thrive on freezing temps, snow and ice.

Early this morning our dogs required a trip outside. The sun was rising, and the thermometer showed a temp hovering above freezing. What the thermometer did not show was a wind lowering that temp below freezing. Our little dog finished her business in a flash and rushed inside to sit beside a heat vent. Big dog decided he needed to check out the neighborhood. When a rabbit burst out from under the shed to run across the yard, that dog went crazy.

Fortunately, I had a good grip on his leash and on the porch rail. Happily, the rabbit escaped, and big dog got hauled inside. I wonder, do rabbits eat weeds?

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