Keeping a happy house in summer

Keeping a happy house in summer

After a bucket load of rain in early summer, the last week has been gorgeous, so lovely my house is just basking in the warm sun and I am spending quality time in our gardens. Of course this beautiful weather is encouraging those pesky weeds to pop up all over the gardens. I swear they can grow 4 inches over night.

After spending an afternoon pulling weeds and trimming bushes, I crawled into our house ready to fall into a chair and do absolutely nothing. Unfortunately our house felt ignored by my outside work and needed some inside attention.

She was in dire need of dust removal. With great determination I wielded the dust cloth over the entire place. When I had finally finished, my Taller Half walked in and asked, “What’s for dinner?”

I swear our house laughed. My answer to my handsome Taller Half is unprintable, but he understood dinner prep was up to him. He made a wonderful salad and even cleaned up afterward. That allowed me to collapse on the sofa and promptly doze off.

The next morning I woke up full of energy and ready to get back into our gardens. My Taller Half suggested a shopping trip and a lunch out, and I could not resist. Our house wanted her bathrooms cleaned, but I managed to resist her pleas and promised to get those done later.

Off we went and had a lovely time together finding bargains and devouring a delicious lunch. We returned to a very unhappy house, but we had anticipated her peak. We brought in several presents for her that changed her attitude completely. Give a house a few accent rugs and a couple of plants for her gardens and she becomes a happy house.

That evening, while installing the new plants in the gardens, I discovered a patch of weeds had sprouted while we were off shopping. I had a surprise for them in the form of an organic weed killer. A spray was all it took to conquer that weed invasion.

What a joy. Our house is so happy. Now I can spend less time weeding our gardens and more time keeping our house dusted, vacuumed and mopped. Oh dear. Hadn’t thought of that.

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