Moving is exhausting, never boring

Moving is exhausting, never boring

Putting a house on the market is not any easy thing to do. We have sold and bought our share of houses over the years, and, trust me, it isn’t a restful activity.

First you have to know where you are going. Out of town? Across the country? Another country? Or just across town? Oftentimes, selling your house is determined by a new job in a new town, the need for more space or less space, a marriage or perhaps a new baby. Whatever the reason, it isn’t something that is done easily.

We bought our first house a couple of years after our second child was born. We needed the space both inside and out. The backyard was fenced so our little ones were contained and denied access to the rest of the neighborhood. Because both children were roamers, that was a priority. Having a bedroom that would comfortably hold two beds, a dresser and a huge box of toys was a very necessary requirement.

That place worked very well for us for several years. She didn’t need a lot of fixing up — a new coat of paint in most rooms and the back porch had to be converted to a laundry room — but otherwise she was a pleasant place to settle into.

The arrival of baby number three dictated our need for more space, and we went house hunting. It didn’t take long for us to find and fall in love with our second house. Selling house number one required an appraiser to figure out what she was worth on the current market. Be warned all houses think they are worth at least five times their actual value. Once the current value was determined by the appraiser, our real-estate agent staked her sign in the front yard.

It took a few weeks, a lot of “lookers,” but a young couple fell in love with our house and a deal was done. All we had to do was pack everything up and move into our new place. Moving is exhausting work but also an adventure. We have moved often and fallen in love with many houses, but it has never been boring — very tiring but never boring.

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