Summer cookouts


Every summer as the weekends roll around, folks get ready for cookout parties. Our new house has never experienced such an event and is a bit nervous about hosting such a do this year. So are we. We still haven’t found all that will be needed to entertain guests. We have found the gas tanks, utensils and chairs. Now all we need is the grill.

My Taller Half assures me that the grill is residing in the shed and will shortly make an appearance. I haven’t seen it in there, but it could easily be hiding under some boxes. Since the lawn mower moved into the shed, there is little to no room to move things while searching for other things, such as a grill. 

The grass was just cut last week and already needs to be shorn again, so the mower will be leaving the shed in the next day or two. That is if it doesn’t rain. Mowing wet grass is more an exercise in flattening than cutting. Once the mower is outside, the grill can be found and freed, and we can plan our party.

The menu has been voted on, and it will be hot dogs, hamburgers, cole slaw, chips, melon, ice tea, cold drinks and perhaps an adult beverage or two. Now we just have to find all the paper products we bought just before we moved, plus the lawn chairs and a table. Otherwise, we might just have to entice our daughter into doing the hosting this weekend.

That’s not such a bad idea. Glad we thought of that.

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