The garden’s ire is not worth getting stung

The garden’s ire is not worth  getting stung

A number of flying insects will sting you, but the yellow jacket’s sting really hurts. And they are now flying around our yard looking for a victim.

They flit around outside our doors just waiting to attack whomever walks out. I guess their buffet has closed. As a result they get hungry, frantic and very angry. Can you blame them?

But an angry yellow jacket has a sting to be reckoned with, and trust me they hurt. And those angry stingers will even bug our dogs. One pup made the huge mistake of snapping at a jacket, and to her great good fortune, she missed it.

As a result of the yellow jacket scourge, working or even walking in our yard has become fret with peril. Our house is not happy that her gardens are filling up with weeds, but even her ire is not worth getting stung.

So for distraction and to keep her happy, we decided to organize the closets. It began well but descended rather quickly into a giant mess. Our new place has one huge closet and two small spaces with doors. We continue to be amazed at what lurks in those closets. Thankfully it’s mainly junk, not yellow jackets.

We need to have a garage sale. The problem is my Taller Half wants to pitch out what I want to keep and vise versa. We are allowing a few days to cool off before making any decisions and all this because of the vicious yellow jackets that have driven us inside.

Cold weather will take care of the yellow jackets, but that will still drive us inside.

Which is worse: yellow jacket stings or icy snow pelting our faces? Ice is used to ease a sting, but icy cold isn’t helped by a sting. So the vote is probably for icy weather. Ugh.

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