Who on earth likes snow in the spring?

Who on earth likes snow in the spring?

We looked outside Thursday morning to find our lawn covered with snow. It wasn’t a deep snow, but it was April 1 — what was Mother Nature thinking? The outside temperature was below freezing, and our poor house was cold. Some of our plants were sending up shoots, and those poor things were covered in cold stuff.

Snow that arrives with early spring is never welcomed by houses, humans or plants. It is not rare for snow to fall during the change of seasons, but it is not celebrated. It is just to show Mother Nature can do whatever she likes, whenever she likes, without anyone’s permission.

Unfortunately, we had chosen the day before the white stuff arrived to begin spring cleaning the shed. What had been removed and stacked outside had to be stuffed back inside, and our baby house was not happy.

Neither was our big house. She had looked forward all winter to having our excess “stuff” transferred to that shed. Suddenly, our place seemed overstuffed and very vexed — so vexed she allowed two boxes of books to spill out in her hallway. Trust me, that was not a fun thing to have to deal with.

It took a couple of days to warm back up to spring-like temperatures and melt that cold, white blanket. Once it disappeared, we got back to work sorting our shed. Out came the gardening equipment, numerous pots of stored cold-sensitive plants, and several big bags of topsoil and mulch, not to mention shovels, hoes and a rake.

For the first time this year, our shed looked organized — if you ignored the piles of boxes filling up the back. We had every intention of sorting through those boxes, but we had run out of energy. We promised our shed that come fall we would sort through all that “stuff” and get it all organized.

Our shed didn’t believe us. And why should she? We make the same promise every year.

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