We do have to accept it

We do have to accept it

As we age, the world seems to change rapidly. There is no turning back. It is what it is. Many of us would like to see gentility again, conversations without swearing interjected every other word, politeness and respect, people who behave like ladies and gentlemen, something that is laughed at today.

I am a news junkie, and as I watch today’s events and listen to conversations around me, I suspect it is never going to happen again. We don’t have to join it, but we do have to accept it or we will spend our days in anger or unhappiness. I suppose every generation has experienced the feeling the world is going to hell in a hand basket, so this is just part of the overall plan for seniors.

I don’t understand why people want to be rude or crude. Perhaps it makes them feel bigger and better than others — kind of like fifth-graders vying to become the alpha. At any rate, I will risk being made fun of and continue to obey my conscience, to please my long-gone parents who raised me this way — just saying.

Hats off to the Dakota Tree Company, which saved my house from being destroyed during the recent storms. They were efficient, reasonable and did a good job.

Taking down trees is a dangerous and sad profession. Judging the correct way for branches to fall when topping a 75-foot pine tree takes talent and courage. Perhaps the workers are used to it and do not feel remorse at the removal, but taking out a living entity that has housed living creatures and provided shade and beauty brings tears. It is a small death, but a death, nonetheless.

And by the way, did you know if your neighbor’s tree falls on your house, garage, barn or just into your yard, the insurance companies' rules are you have to pay for it. So if my tree falls in my yard, I pay, and if the next-door pine wreaks some damage, I pay for that too. And vice versa, of course. Strange rule.

Another strange phenomenon. A group of turkey vultures is called a kettle when flying, a committee when on the ground and a wake when feeding. This past week my kettle committee of red-headed buzzards has returned, bringing with it a large number of a slightly different off-shoot that are completely black.

These birds are a little smaller than the originals who dwelt here, and they are more than social. They roost on all the roofs, seem to listen to you when you talk to them and most recently were gathered on my patio. One was pecking on my sliding glass door. I don’t know what the occasion was, but it only lasted a couple of days before they returned to their favorite trees. It was fun to try to figure it out.

As this warm spring has brought the critters back, it brings with it the need to hurry up the garden. Peas, garlic, rhubarb and asparagus are up, and soil is warmed for the rest. I am happiest doing the things I love: gardening, directing a play, welcoming a new puppy and writing. At times it gets a little overwhelming, but if we want to stay active, we have to be active. Summer is nearly here. Let’s get busy and enjoy it to its fullest.

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